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Wednesday, 31 December 2014 - 14:42
Things to consider when buying a watch


Time is an essential part of our life and clocks are very essential, unfortunately we are not able to carry the clocks around wherever we go, watches make our lives easier and watches are also considered a necessity when it comes to how a person looks as whole. Imagine a person with a stylish watch in his hand (we are assuming you imagined yourself), now think of that person without the watch. A good watch can add value to the person and make the person look classier.


There are so many type of watches for purchase, the main two type would be analog and digital. There is nothing like good old analog watches! Old school that makes you look more matured and classy, you definitely don’t see company CEO’s wearing digital watch when they are at an event or a function. Digital watches on the hand come with plenty of features and they are famous for their functionality not for their looks. Now you have the new kind of watches, any guesses? Yes! Smartwatches definitely they do a lot more than show you time and date, you can call, send messages and of course a lot more. We are not going to look into smart watches as we are focusing on analog and digital watches.


You see the numbers written on the edge of the watch? Yes, ever wondered what it is for? Well these are used to calculate the distance for athletes and some other purposes which will not go into. This is definitely adds visual as well as value of a watch!  Check a bit more on tachymeter’s and make your purchase.


You get all sorts of watches in the market from gold to diamond embedded watches, you have it all. We suggest you go for the silver strapped watches if you intend on buying for more formal use as the silver strap makes you look more organized at the same time it adds a neat touch to your personality.


We don’t suggest you look for a watch which will lasts in deep depths of the ocean, if it can take a little splurge then it can always help. We live in a tropical island and weather is always unpredictable


There are many watch brands out there and a brand name carries a lot as each brand is unique like a person’s signature. When you wear an analog or digital watch people are bound to look at what the brand is and make decisions, it is like driving a BMW or a Maruti Suzuki. Omega, Tissot, Rolex and Tag Heuer are considered as luxury watch maker. We suggest you do some research before you purchase
Purchasing a good watch is no easy task watch your budget and do some research and you will find the correct watch that suits all your need. Purchase the watch your  desire delivered right to your doorstep by shopping online on Kaymu.lk.
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