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TVS - The Largest Range in Micro Automobiles Industry


Introduces six new models to the Market

TVS Lanka (TVSL) is a premier automotive company in Sri Lanka specializing in microautomobiles, such as motorcycle, scooters and three wheelers.Spare parts, tiresand lubricantsform the rest of the portfolio of products.

“Having recorded an unprecedented Rs.1.6B revenue growthand eight times growth in operational profits at the end of the third quarter of the current Financial Year, the company is well poised to be a major force in the micro automobiles industry. The focused strategic initiativesdeployed during the current financial year had reaped rich rewards. Re-positioning and rationalization of the product portfolio,  identifying and targeting strategic market segments,  re-launching of promising models with new value proposition for better consumer engagement, productivity enhancement and expansion of dealer network, re-structuring of island wide service and Spare parts network, competency enhancement of  staff and sales force in particular, process re-engineering and customer relationship management to enhance net promoter’s score from the existing users paid dividend and alsoin particular, the launching of new models with new applications has played a key role in TVSL’s growth momentum. The launch of six new models is a step taken in the same direction,” said Mr.Ravi Liyanage, CEO of TVSL.

“In keeping with the pace and the direction under the leadership of Mr. Ravi Laiyange (CEO of TVSL) TVSL is in pursuit of strengthening the range across all product categories with the vision to be the ‘Range Leader’in all categories that TVSL is in operation. In fact during the year 2014/15 in all three sectors TVSL has achieved Range Leadership,”added Head of Marketing of TVS Lanka, Mr.HashanHaputhanthri.

The range leader in Scooters is a testimony to the largest array of models in Scooter category, namely TVS Scooty Pep, TVS Scooty Streak, TVS WEGO and TVS Jupiter. From 90cc -110cc range, TVSL has the widest range of Scooters in Sri Lanka where no other could compete on consumer choice.Some of the ground rating technological advancements such as; Digital speedo meter with power and economic mode, Body balanced technology, patented easy center stands, telescopic suspensions which could negotiate any rough and terrain conditions, CVTI Engine that provides the fuel economy to be the ‘Mileage Leader’ across total scooter range with a mileage of over 62 km per Liter and tubeless tireswith 12” alloy wheels.

The latest addition to the category is TVS Scooty Zest and with this addition TVS becomesthe undisputed leader in Scooters.

TVS SCOOTY ZEST – “Live Full Be You”

TVS Scooty Zest 110 is a modern and stylish scooter that comes with attractive graphics and colours. Its larger refined futuristic 110 cc engine has a remarkable initial pickup of 0-60 kmph in only 11.1 seconds. TVS Scooty Zest 110 is a stylish and efficient scooter.TVS Scooty Zest 110 comes with several new features including a backlit speedometer and all new LED tail lamps, twilight lamps, a textured floor board, painted switch panels, leaf shaped mirrors and a compact muffler with stainless steel guard. The scooter also has foldable hooks. A highly useful feature is an open glove box where the rider can keep small articles.  TVS Scooty Zest 110 gives an impressive mileage of 62 kmpl, (under simulated test conditions as per TVS Motor standards). The scooter is equipped with a TVS patented econometer which allows the rider to obtain maximum mileage. It also has a long idling indicator to enhance mileage.

TVSL is also the Range Leader in the Threewheel Category with 4 models in operation namely; TVS KING Standard, TVS KING FLD, TVS KING FB and the latest addition is TVS KING Max.

The new addition,TVS KING FLD, was introduced to the market recentlyand has a profound demand in the category with35 additional features.The latest addition is TVS KING Max which represents the three wheeler presence in some advanced economies/countries. Further, TVS KING MAX has been designed to resemble a motor car with its unique fiber roof design for Sri Lankan environmental conditions. Further the roof has been builtby environmental friendly bio degradable polymer in Low Density Polyethylene.

Mr. Hashan Haputhanthri added that another 1st in the three wheel industry is the TVS KING FB model, which is used for transporting and delivering of Bakery products with special safety and food quality assurance materials. With these threeadditions TVS KING becomes unbeatable in the Three-wheel category and its range gives consumers a variety of choice depending on their usage.

Speaking at the Press conference Mr.Auro Ashish from TVS Motor Company India indicated, “The recent success in the two wheel industry achieved through TVS METRO is the Millage Leader across all category of 2wlrs with 87Km per Ltr and has been further strengthened with the launch of 110cc Metro Plus to provide an enhanced outlook, endurance and greater performance.”

In their motor bike category Apache being the flagship brand has been receiving overwhelming user confidence for its unique style and unmatched performance. Apache RTR, Metro, XL SUPER, and Phoenix are the brands in the main stream of the Two-Wheeler category.

TVSL METRO PLUS – “ Economically stylish”

TVS METRO Plus, is a symbol of style and fuel efficiency. TVS Metro Plus which is an ideal combination of modern styling, superior engine performance and class riding comfort. This all-new motorcycle comes with a host of first-time features and builds on the legacy of the TVS Metro brand, that has more than thousands of customers across the country. Derived from the ‘Ecothrust’ engine of TVS Metro, the 110cc power mill of TVS Metro Plus provides an ideal combination of smooth performance, power and fuel economy. The engine delivers better pickup and acceleration and is high in durability.

Also, speaking further at the press conference Mr. Hashan Haputhanthri said that TVSL has the modified version of TVS METRO.

TVS METRO GA – “Good and Awesome”

TVS Lanka, modifying the motor bike market, launched a campaign for TVS METRO 100cc that indicates it being “Asia’s Wonder” by keeping to its promise of 87Km per 01Ltr of fuel. Modifying the TVS METRO further, TVSL introduces TVS METRO GA that is the registered as an official brand name that provides a handsome ride rather than a traditional ride. Apart from standard features it has modern side mirrors/youth look/attractive design/luminous wheel stickers/LED lights where holistically it gives a classy outlook for today’s youth. This is the best bike that was introduced to Sri Lankan youth.

This Service is pursued as one of the key competitive advantages behind the brand TVS and the island wide service network. The spare part networks for both Two wheelers and Three Wheelers has been expanded and developed to reach both quantity and high quality. The Two wheeler service and spare parts network represents 590 and three wheeler service / Spare parts network 395.TVS Motor Company, the flagship of 100 years old, US$ 7 Billion TVS Group, is one of India’s leading two wheeler manufactures and among the top seven in the world. The company has 3 manufacturing plants in India and one in Indonesia and it is present in over 57 countries worldwide. TVS Motor Company is renowned for Innovation and currently owns 600 + patents.

The picture shows (From left) Mr. Hashan Haputhanthri, Head of Marketing, TVS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd; Mr. Ravi Liyanage, Chief Executive Officer, TVS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd and Mr. Auro Asish Choudhari, General Manager – International Business, TVS Motor Company – India.

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