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All about that Tie

A tie is an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. So it is essential you know how to wear it correctly and how to choose the right tie for the right occasion. Below are some tips that will guide you to do that. Let’s get to the basics right first.
1.       The skinny or width

The width of a tie should depend on your build and whether you have a narrow build or broader one. If you have narrow shoulders it is always a good idea to get narrow ties.
2.       Tie Length

Your length of the tie will depend on your height. However, as a general rule the tip off the tie should hit the vertical midpoint of the belt or waistband.
3.       Tie Colour
Red: Red is one of the most popular colours for a neck tie. A red tie should usually be paired with a dark suit and a white, blue and grey dress shirt.

Blue: Blue is one of those colours that most of the people out there love. A Blue tie is used     to lighten a dark suit and is good for networking events, receptions etc. If it’s a Dark Blue (Navy) it definitely gives a more conservative and formal look and is considered a classic.

White: Why don’t we just avoid this?

Black:  A Black tie is won by lawyers and, in the evening with a tuxedo, or by waiters in restaurants and on the occasion of funeral. Thus, it is better to avoid a black tie if it does not fall into to any of the categories above.

Silver: Silver is a classic colour popular with many. Silver is mostly matched with a white dress shirt and it fits well with many celebratory occasions like birthdays, cocktail parties, etc.
4.       Tie Pattern
Solid Colour

This is one of the most basic and the most formal options for a necktie, a solid colour is easy to match with anything. However, make sure not to match it with a shirt of the same colour, because that looks really tasteless most of the time.
Striped Ties

Another classic that is popular with most of you out there. It is fairly easy to match with anything without a significant pattern. Keep in mind, to make sure that the tie colour complement your suit.
So these are only a few tips. It’s always good to use your own judgment to choose a great tie. So while you are contemplating what kind of tie to wear, why not check for that tie that suits you. Shop online with and you can get that tie delivered right to your doorstep.

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