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Update: Sri Lanka's tourist arrivals rise in April 2015



Sri Lanka's tourist arrivals rose 8.5 percent to 122,217 in April 2015, from a year earlier, driven by India and continued strong growth from China.

In the first four months tourist arrivals were up 12.5 percent to 601,055.

Arrivals from India rose 34 percent to 23,048 taking the total in the first four months to 87,829 up 23 percent from a year earlier, keeping the country as the top generating market for Sri Lanka.

South Asian arrivals rose 17.7 percent to 32,907 in April.

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Tourism earnings jump 13.6% to $ 762.3 m

8.5% increase in April, over 600,000 tourists visit in first four months

India and China continue to dominate in tourist arrivals

Sri Lanka’s lucrative tourism sector continues to enjoy sunshine earnings as returns rose 13.6% Year-on-Year (YoY) to generate a cumulative $ 762.3 million during the first quarter of 2015, the Central Bank stated.

According to the monthly external report, earnings from tourism increased by 16.7% YoY in February and 18% YoY in March up to $ 263.5 million and $ 250 million respectively from the same period the previous year.

“Earnings were bolstered by strong improvements to arrivals figures, particularly from India and China in addition to improved arrivals figures from Sri Lanka’s other top three tourist markets, namely: the United Kingdom, Germany and France which together accounted for 94.2% of tourist arrivals in February,” the Central Bank stated in its report.

Arrivals over the first quarter increased parallel to tourism earnings, recording 13.6% YoY growth to cross 478,838.

Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals rose 8.5% in April compared to the same period last year, data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) showed this week.

The month recorded 122,217 tourists arriving in the country compared to the 112,631 that arrived in April 2014.

In the first four months of this year, 601,055 tourists visited the island, an increase of 12.5% compared to the 534,132 recorded for the same period in 2014.

Arrivals from North America rose 11.7% to 6,160 in April and the arrivals from the US were up 6.4% to 3,296 during the month. Tourist arrivals from Western Europe declined in April by 6.4% with 34,964 arriving during the month, compared to the 37,369 tourists who arrived in the same month last year.

Reversing the dip from last month, arrivals from Eastern Europe increased by 7.7% with the arrival of 11,675 tourists in April 2015. Arrivals from the Middle East rose 3.4% with 5,484 visitors arriving in April 2015.

Tourist arrivals from East Asia increased 31.9% as 24,292 visited the country compared to the 18,416 who visited in April 2014. Arrivals from China, compared to last year, increased 72.3% with the entry of 13,790 visitors.

Arrivals from South Asia increased by 17.7% as 32,907 tourists visited the island in April 2015. Of those arrived from South Asia, 23,048 were from India corresponding to an increase of 34.1%.

Sri Lanka exceeded its target of 1.5 million tourist arrivals last year and earned $ 2.206 billion from tourism. The trend is likely to continue, market experts said, to meet a target of 2 million tourist arrivals this year and 2.5 million by 2016.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s external reserves strengthened with workers’ remittances increasing by 1.9% to $ 511.6 million from $ 502.0 million in February 2014.

During the first two months of 2015, workers’ remittances amounted to $ 1,035.2 million, declining marginally by 2.1% from $ 1,057.5 million during the same period of the previous year.

However, these remittances are expected to have increased at a higher rate during the national New Year, following the seasonal pattern of foreign revenue being remitted by Sri Lankans working abroad, the Central Bank stated.

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