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OPPO Smartphones Set Sail to Sri Lanka



Many would argue that the Sri Lankan mobile phone market – and even that of the world – revolves primarily around Samsung and Apple, with both brands tussling for the most discussion and greater ownership. However, stepping into the spotlight (though perhapsa more apt phrase would be crashing the stage) is a brand whose name is unfamiliar to most Sri Lankan eyes and ears. And this brand is OPPO.

OPPO is an electronics company that is growing in almost startling leaps and bounds each year. Their strength? Innovation. OPPO is responsible for some of the most stunning, unique smartphones of the recent past. Just last year, the OPPO Find 7 was released to rave reviews and achieved global popularity for its high resolution screen and next-level performance capabilities. Their latest release, the R7 Series, currently has the industry abuzz. In fact, since first expanding to Thailand in 2010, the company has continued to spread rapidly across the globe – to over 20 different countries as of this year. And now OPPO wants to take Sri Lanka along for the ride.

Upon viewing their phones, the reason for their immense success seems obvious – beautiful, high quality products that are  exquisite and customizable. OPPO’s brand philosophy is encapsulated in the phrase “the art of technology”, and they work closely with their customers’ feedback to engineer phones that stand out in terms of both visual appeal and impressive functionality. Their relationship with their customers is another reason for their success. OPPO understands how capturing and sharing day to day life has become an important part of most people’s days – especially amongst youth. OPPO realizes the desire to perfectly capture the world around oneself – and strives to fulfil that need with ease and promptness.

The OPPO Neo 5 combines sleek looks (with a slim, seamless, metallic body) and the perfect choice at an affordable price. Its 8MP camera has a rear-illuminated sensor and a large F/2.2 aperture, making it more photosensitive with a higher resolution, blocking infrared light effectively to produce high quality images. Combined with features such as Double Exposure and Panorama on OPPO Pure Image 2.0+ platform, the OPPO Neo 5 ensures it has all your photography requirements covered. In addition, the Pure Image 2.0+ system is also packed with Beautify(which helps subtly enhance photos without compromising their believability – think Photoshop simplified if you will) and a range of other customizable features, meaning fun and versatility for all your photography needs. At the heart of the Neo 5 is a quad-core MTK processor, delivering resilient performance to cover gaming, video watching or general multi-tasking needs. This is combined with a 2000 mAh Li-Polymer battery pumping life into the Neo 5 while you stay on the move. The phone also comes loaded with 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM, supporting microSD up to 32GB to ensure storage never becomes a concern. As well as being dual SIM compatible, the OPPO Neo 5 makes life all the more easy and convenientwhen coupled with the company’s unique ColorOS operating system, which boasts of Smart Gestures - a capability that allows users to perform various commands even when the screen is off, such as screen wake-up or direct access to the camera interface.

Their newest release, which will coincide with OPPO’s official launch in Sri Lanka, is the R7 Series. With a 2.5D touch screen, the OPPO R7 Series also sports a metal unibody undergoing 48 polishing processes to retain the original metallic flavour as well as a curvy and lustrous charm, thus delivering a peerless feel in the hand. A unique Flash Shot system fitted on the OPPO R7 Series allows for speedy initiation, fast focus and stable imaging, enabling ordinary users to quickly take crystal clear photos, no matter what situation. This system has two primary functions – the Dual-drive Hybrid Focus System and Anti-shake Optimization. In addition to the traditional contrast detection focus, the OPPO R7 Series’ dual-drive also boasts phase-detection auto-focus (PDAF) on par with single-lens reflex cameras, resulting in a focus time as low as 0.1s. Furthermore, the OPPO R7 Series is 30% faster than comparable products in regards to camera initiation. The Anti-shake Optimization algorithm allows the camera to take multiple photos in the seconds before and after the user presses the shutter, it then selects the clearest image, thus substantially increasing the clarity of photos taken. 

The OPPO R7 Series also has impressive specs, packing a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera, ensuring it’s equipped to industry leading standards.The OPPO R7 Series’ rear camera adopts the ISOCELL CMOS sensor technology which reduces inter-pixel crosstalk, captures more photons and also improves the dynamic range to deliver finer detail and layering in both light and dark areas of photos. The camera lens is professionally designed and manufactured by world-renowned German optical manufacturer Schneider-Kreuznach. The 8-megapixel front camera, optimally positioned on the phone is againcomplimented with OPPO’s Beautify feature, allowing the user to take gorgeous selfies super easily. The OPPO R7 Series’ software package is also very attractive, including its much praised proprietary OPPO Pure Image 2.0+ image processor. These qualities enable the R7 Series to create images with resolutions of up to 50 megapixels, along with a host of other features.

With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that OPPO has been branded the cool new kid on the scene. With a focus on both their products and their customers that proves to be a refreshing breath of fresh air in a market that as of late has become all about the talk and less about the walk, OPPO is proving that you most certainly can have it all. And it looks like OPPO is already committed to their Sri Lankan audience. With a new official site dedicated to the country, as well as an “OPPO Sri Lanka”Facebook page, OPPO seems well prepared and ready to deliver their trademark customer service to our little island as well. And to coincide with their launch the company plans to release a free mobile app exclusively for Sri Lanka with the latest information, offers, after sales services, and games – a first for OPPO and yet another symbol of their famous dedication to all their customers. So whether you’re looking for a phone that can record every moment of university life or run without hassle during a gruelling day at the office, if Instagram is your go-to app or if Snapchat is your preference, OPPO caters to all of its customers’ unique needs – and barely breaks a sweat doing so.

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