Friday, 11 September 2015 - 16:41
Lipton Ceylonta Turns a New Leaf


Unveils the next step in the unprecedented journey of the World’s No.1 tea brand

Unilever Sri Lanka recently announced the re-launch of the company’s flagship tea brand – Lipton Ceylonta.  Over the years, Lipton Ceylonta has sourced their tea produce from the finest gardens of Sri Lanka and in doing so, aptly reiterated the brand’s refreshing and contemporary personality. This re-launch magnifies the brand’s conviction to deliver premium quality and re-enforces the brand’s undying commitment to brighten up your day with a cup of Lipton Ceylonta.

Commenting on the re-launch, Country Marketing Director, Unilever Sri Lanka,   Siddharth Banerjee said, “Tea continues to carry a heritage and success story behind it’s infusion that holds a very intricate place in the minds of Sri Lankans all over the world today. What makes the Lipton brand reign supreme in this evolutionary journey of tea in Sri Lanka was Sir Thomas Lipton’s endless devotion to revolutionize the Sri Lankan tea industry. As such, Lipton is credited for being the first branded tea in Sri Lanka to market the premium quality of Ceylon tea and deliver the experience of its matchless taste to the world. It is for this reason that Lipton is feted as the World’s No.1 tea enjoyed by millions across the world every day.”

Lipton Ceylonta has earned the place in the minds of the consumer as a brand that delivers the finest blend of pure Ceylon tea with its rare and refined quality of the taste setting apart the leaves of Lipton Ceylonta. Its quality assured blend contains no dust and is true to its grade resulting in neat, clear and smaller tea leaves and is the reason the brand holds BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings) grade conformance.

Head of Tea Division, Unilever Sri Lanka, Avindra De Silva said, “Tea used in Lipton tea bags comes 100% from RA certified plantations (Rainforest Alliance) and amplifies that Lipton is not just a tasty cup of tea, but a responsible cup of quality blended tea. Not only does it reiterate the brand’s commitment towards providing a premium quality experience but also echoes the brand’s promise to stay true to the brightness and refreshingly modern taste that is Lipton Ceylonta.”

Lipton, the first branded tea, was instrumental in inculcating the tea drinking culture and set a benchmark of refreshing and premium quality of the finest produce. With brightly-colored, eye-catching packets, Lipton has been successful in making Ceylon tea renowned in the world and in exporting the Lipton experience to all corners of the world.

As a brand that is constantly innovating new avenues of brewing a quality cup of tea, Lipton Ceylonta hopes that this re-launch emphasises the brand’s personality of vibrancy that helps consumers brighten up their day while truly enjoying a refreshing cup of tea. 

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