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CBL ranked among the Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL) has been adjudged as one of the top 20 most respected entities in Sri Lanka in a study carried out by Media Services, the publishers of LMD, the leading business magazine in Sri Lanka. The results were published in the annual ‘Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka’ magazine published by the group.

The survey was commissioned and conceptualized by LMD magazine, and conducted by The Nielsen Company with the intention of ranking the ‘Most Respected’ entities in Sri Lanka.The rankings were tabulated drawing from the comments of respondents of a survey and with information gathered from a sample of 800 respondents who are managers and above of listed companies. The respondents were tasked withnaming three companies which they felt are the most respected and the rankings were then calculated based on the Olympic ranking system.

CBL has gained top ranks in Quality Consciousness, Innovation, Dynamism, CSR, Company Vision and Nation Mindedness. Munchee, CBL’s flagship brand has largely contributed for this being the No. 1 biscuit brand in Sri Lanka, firmly establishing the CBL group as a pioneer in the manufacture of quality food products with genuine concern for the nation. Furthermore Munchee has supported the growth of the company immensely and nurtured many successful brands under its wing.

The CBL group manufacturesand markets biscuits under their flagship brand ‘Munchee’and also manufactures confectionary, chocolates, cakes, soya based products, breakfast cereal and organic fruit products. Other renowned brand names owned by the group are ‘Ritzbury,’ ‘Tiara,’ ‘Lankasoy,’ ‘Samaposha,’ and ‘Nutriline.’ The company has a remarkable track record of innovation and marketing excellence. Having a global presence, CBL exports its products to over 55 countries across all continents being recognized for its dynamism in marketing leadership and R&D excellence.

Commenting on this remarkable achievement, the Group Director/Head of Marketing and Sales of Ceylon Biscuits Limited Mr. Nandana Wickramage stated, “We are extremely happy and proud to be ranked among the top 20 most respected entities in Sri Lanka.In ourhistory ofover   48 years and we have always been focused on delivering innovativequality products to our customers. We have received many accolades for our commitment to our consumers as well as to society. Our investment in technology and humancapital has broughtinternational standard tasteexperiences to our local consumers and wehavealways conducted our business activities in an ethical manner. We are very pleased that our efforts have been recognized and will strive to challenge ourselves todo better andbring unique taste experiences to local and international consumerswhilst contributing towards developing our economy and society.”

‘Munchee’ being highest contributor to the top line, the financial performance of the group is administered with high concern towardsthe sustainability of its triple bottom line. Stringent quality management of ‘Munchee’ as well as other brands marketed by the group has played a vital role in achieving this success. Innovation being another aspect measured by the ranking organization, ‘Munchee’ has been recognized for its continuous innovation, having introduced innovative taste experiences to Sri Lanka every year. They recently introduced Munchee BeeCee, Munchee Crunchee and Munchee Baby Rusks that are of international quality yet affordably priced for all.

‘Munchee’ pursues a well-structured CSR strategy under the six pillars of Education, Arts and Culture, Sports, Disaster Response and Community Upliftment. Under its Education pillar Munchee Tikiri Shishyadhara is the largest scholarship programme initiated by a privately held company focusing on education. In addition Munchee also conducts ‘Munchee Hapana Shishyathwa Wedamulu’ a free of charge seminar programme for the children who are sitting for grade five scholarship exams. Under its ‘Uplifting community’ pillar, the company operates ‘Munchee Samaga Gamata Sarana’ - a programme that identifies marginalized areas and uplifts the basic needs available in each area. Under ‘Sports’, Munchee sponsors the National Volleyball Championship, supports school cricket and even sponsors athletes entering the international arena. To promote ‘Arts and Culture’, Munchee supports many artists, sponsors for Aurudu Uthsava as well as stage dramas.
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