Wednesday, 07 October 2015 - 10:02
JAT Holdings introduces Crown Paints range

Crown Paints is a British paint maker with a long drawn history which can be traced back to the late 1850s. The brand has been associated with royalty in the United Kingdom and is recognized by a royal warrant granted by Her Majesty the Queen.

Crown Paints, now part of the Danish Hempel Group, is one of the largest and most successful paint manufacturers in the UK and Ireland with branches continually developing globally, and possesses over 200 years of decorative knowledge and experience and is proud to produce quality products to suit all home and industry needs.

Its extensive knowledge of colour, allied to a wide product range, customer orientated service and a keen environmental awareness, ensures that they maintain a strong position within the market. Their ranges of integrated coating systems complement one another chemically and aesthetically to provide stunning, durable, low maintenance finishes.

Aelian Gunawardene, Managing Director, JAT Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, said ‘each customer is unique. Crown has researched their decision making patterns and have created & tailored the services to meet their individual needs. We are delighted to bring the Crown Paints range to the Sri Lankan market.’

Possessing a comprehensive colour palette and a highly innovative product range, Crown introduced the revolutionary 99% solvent free; ‘breathe easy’ technology along with innovative additions to their product range in the form of anti-bacterial, fire-proof and quick-dry paints to the world.

Crown has also been first to market with many innovations such as One Coat & Non Drip paints and colour family packaging. Crown was also the first to introduce Testerpots, offering consumers the chance to ‘try before you buy’ when decorating. Breathe easy, along with the introduction of Steracryl Anti-Bacterial Scrubbable emulsion, a product helping to fight bacteria in healthcare environments, are some of its most valued innovations to date.

Crown Silk Emulsions are unique with key product features which differentiate the final finish from the standard matt emulsions. The Silk finish will not catch dust and dirt and is easier to clean. The smooth silk effect gives liveliness to the walls with a delicate shine. The coatings are much more durable than the matt emulsions and have greater scratch resistance. The unique colour pallet will offer you a stylish combination of colours to suit your heart’s desire.

The Crown ‘X-treme X-posure’ exterior coating, a superior durable, smooth masonry paint which provides the best possible protection against weather exposure, for the long term. Suitable for use on most exterior masonry surfaces and exterior grade building boards, this moisture vapour permeable coating system provides excellent opacity, protection and weather resistance. Achieve greater coverage, faster drying and extreme resistance to dirt & pollution. This product has been awarded a British Board of Agreement Certificate for up to 10 years durability.

Crown is so far the best silk emulsion paint available in Sri Lanka. It’s not just a tin of matt, silk or gloss.  Its 200 years of knowledge, experience and passion in every can. It’s not just paint, it’s personal.’

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