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Internet or Online Marketing Trends still relevant and needs to be practiced to create online visibility


This year has been great for internet marketing  with growth in use of internet , access to internet more and more people are online these days .With Google loon project and Facebook using  Drones and satellite to provide access to internet free its matter of time maybe few years before entire world population can access the web for free or cost effectively.
So are we ready to market our  products and services online to target online visitors in order to create brand or product awareness , online engagement , lead generations via many tools that are available through internet or online marketing.
Looking back during the last 2 years and coming years  we feel the following trends still prevail and needs to be followed to be successful in carrying out online or internet marketing keeping in mind visitors online are device agnostic and require seamless connectivity  via multiple devices.

Need to focus on mobile and hand held devices.

We need to accept the fact that more and more people are accessing the web via Mobile devices ie Tabs or Smart phones and experts say by year 2017 more than 80% of devices sold will be tabs and smart phones . Marketers need to understand these trends and  develop content which should be optimized for mobile devices and easy to read and understand . The website should also be mobile responsive or a separate mobile site .  

The need to carry out re-marketing and targeting

Nowadays  most websites use google analytics and tag manager to track visitors to the site and also  update scripts on the website pages which enables to re-market or display  relevant content to the visitor next time he or she is online . Facebook also allows same and you can target visitors from your FB page that come to your website and do re-marketing .This option is cost effective  and low cost to reach your intended audience.

Continued use of Paid advertisements on Social Media to increase referral traffic and leads.

Social media channels weather you like it or not will continue to provide traffic to your website or land a visitor to your product landing page or contact us page. If its Facebook you need to invest in boosting or promoting your post or use of ads manager or power editor tool to carry out targeted campaigns. Twitter has opened up its audience for advertising using tweet cards , etc and LinkedIn allows sponsored updates, or lead accelerator tool to promote products to intended target groups . Intagram, Snap chat , pinterest are also gaining  in traction along with viber which will allow ads on its public profiles.

Move towards compelling visual content to improve call to action using images and micro videos.

We note an increasing in video advertising on most digital media channels via  story telling, animation, product videos , screen casts or image driven content that will encourage viewers or visitors to act on in some form ie fill a lead form , visit a web page, view the video or share content which will encourage organic reach.
These will help in creating meaningful relationships between prospects or customers and businesses or relevant stakeholders.

Focus on Customer engagement to create online influences will increase.

The ability to engage with intended customers via comments on posts, sharing of content , filling a lead form will be critical for any business.  In order to do same you need to have  a tailor made , relevant approach on each online channel that will enable creation of loyal dedicated audience that will follow your business pages and influence your products and services to their peers , friends and family.

Focus on   all search engines 

We need to ensure all are content is seen on all current and relevant search engines such as google , yahoo, bing . When you carry our Pay per click campaigns you need to be aware of the cost per click  from each network  since at times yahoo, bing might be cheaper than google. We all agree Google holds 80% or market share in most countries but recently gains have been noted in yahoo, bing .

Continue to blog or do it better with focus on optimizing .

If you do not have a blog its must that you commence same using free tools such as blogger or word press. A well written blog with keywords relevant to your business can rank well organically and help increase traffic to your site. Further the blogs written will be indexed in search engines and help in link building while the contents could be shared on other sites, social media channels. Compelling content that is relevant to your customer base will be the key.

Digital public relations and Rich media content

You need to carry out content distribution by sharing your content on 3rd party websites , media related websites which will increase your brand impressions online and read by visitors on those sites.Its important to have in text links to encourage click through rates and referrals to your product landing pages.

Email and Mobile marketing will remain important for overall integration of campaigns.

Customer information such as email or mobile number can be taken and stored via various marketing efforts since customers will share same to enter into a promotion or sign up for  an offer . Its up-to the business to enable marketing automation tools and segment these info based on demography or lifestyle and constantly push messages periodically  based on preference .The images to be customized or text message has a incentive to  read or call to action.Having a CRM solution or intelligent system to carry out predictive analysis will help in developing more targeted and personalized content which will be relevant.
Statistics reveal  email users will increase to 1.3 billion by year 2017 and mobile users to  more than 4 bio hence these channels will continue to evolve and be most used by public.



Trends worldwide will evolve and new methods of advertising online will emerge. Its important to  be ready to follow and adopt such trends while noting whats relevant for your business and customers . One should not do it all but stay relevant which will provide better return on investment and increase in product awareness and sales.
Hope you enjoyed the read , you can now read my blog below on having a relevant website.

(Article By : Dinesh Godfrey Jebamani)
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