Tuesday, 20 October 2015 - 15:34
Anchor launches liquid milk sourced from Sri Lankan dairy farmers

Sri Lankans will now be able to enjoy the goodness of Anchor in a new format, following the nationwide launch of Anchor Liquid Milk. Made with milk sourced from Sri Lankan dairy farmers, Anchor Liquid Milk comes in a convenient one litre UHT pack and can be stored unrefrigerated and unopened for up to four months.

Sri Lankan dairy farmers, who supply the milk, launched the new product today at Fonterra’s milk chilling centre in Gampaha.

Managing Director of Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka, Leon Clement, said today is another exciting milestone for Anchor which is Sri Lanka’s favourite dairy brand and recognised for providing high quality dairy nutrition to the nation for over 35 years.

“The introduction of Anchor Liquid Milk means we’re able to supply the country with the goodness of Sri Lankan milk, produced according to Anchor’s international quality standards,” Mr Clement said.

The new liquid milk will help meet Sri Lanka’s growing demand for dairy products and complements Anchor’s milk powder range.

Mr. R. Nishantha, a dairy farmer from the Gampaha area, has been supplying Fonterra with milk since its local milk chilling centre commenced operations earlier this year. However, Fonterra’s dairy development experts have been working with him since late last year to help increase his farm’s productivity.

“It is really fulfilling to see the milk we have produced be used to create a premium product under the Anchor brand, which is a much-loved household name for many Sri Lankans,” said Mr Nishantha.

Fonterra has been sourcing Sri Lankan milk since 1996, and now works with thousands of farmer families to help deliver the goodness of dairy to all Sri Lankans.

“The introduction of Anchor Liquid Milk means we will need to collect more high quality milk from more farmers, and to do this we need a stronger Sri Lankan dairy industry,” Mr. Clement said.

“We’re committed to helping Sri Lanka to achieve this and we’ll continue to work closely with dairy farmer families, helping them to grow their incomes through more sustainable and commercially viable farming operations.”

Anchor Liquid Milk is now available in stores and supermarkets across the country in a unique one litre UHT pack.



·Anchor stands for “proven nutrition” and is both Sri Lanka and New Zealand’s number one milk brand.

·It was created in New Zealand in 1886 and has grown to become one of the top global brands with a wide range of dairy products sold in 70 countries.

·The Anchor Institute is an international network of dairy and nutrition experts that conducts and supports dairy nutrition research to improve the health of families around the world.

·Fonterra Brands Sri Lanka has visibility over the supply chain from the farm where the milk is sourced through to the product in-store.

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