Friday, 23 October 2015 - 17:20
The “Vaseline Beautiful Escape” Inspires Sri Lankan Girls to Live Life to the Fullest

Vaseline has just introduced yet another unique initiative with the Vaseline “Beautiful Escape with Pooja Umashankar” campaign, which gives young Sri Lankan girls the opportunity to join the popular actress on three beautiful journeys around the country.

Launched at Colombo Fashion Week – Resort 2015 with the unveiling of “The Escape” Collection by INDI, these journeys aim to inspire young girls in Sri Lanka to appreciate that life becomes truly beautiful when immersing oneself in the enriching experiences that it offers, without letting worries about the health of their outer appearance limit them.

Commenting on this concept, Marketing Director-Personal Care for Unilever Sri Lanka, Sharmila Bandara said, “Pooja is a person beloved by Sri Lankans especially because of her endearing approach to life; she is always open to absorbing the environment around her and the enriching experiences it has to offer, and does not let frivolous inhibitions get in the way. In this sense, we saw a great opportunity for Vaseline to be the enabler in giving young girls a chance to engage with Pooja. As a brand that is close to the young girls of Sri Lanka, Vaseline will relieve them of their concerns about the health of their skin that might inhibit them from experiencing life to its fullest.”

The enhanced Vaseline Healthy White lightening lotion now comes in a thicker, white formulation and includes Vaseline Jelly Micro-droplets, triple sunscreens and Vitamin B3 which will restore skin to visibly fairer skin in two weeks, giving young Sri Lankan girls the assurance of healthy, glowing skin.

This reassurance also gives those selected to join Pooja on the Vaseline Beautiful Escape the freedom to truly enjoy themselves, be it on a Wild Safari to one of Sri Lanka’s National Wildlife Parks, Whale Watching off the Southern coasts of the country, or an exhilarating Water Sports adventure.

Unveiled on the finale day of Colombo Fashion Week - Resort 2015, “The Escape” Collection by INDI is inspired by these unique journeys and the gorgeous colours, distinct shapes and rich experiences of the environment around. The models showcased 20 original INDI design pieces, made using local batik craft as the main printing technique, embellished outfits with the brands signature detailing of embroidery, with beads and coloured pearl work for definition.

“It has indeed been exciting to collaborate with Indeevari Yapa Abeywardena, one of Sri Lanka’s most prolific young fashion designers, and “The Escape” Collection truly does embody that intangible and elevating emotion one feels when you are devoid of unnecessary inhibitions and pressures,” Ms. Bandara further added.

With the Vaseline Beautiful Escape campaign scheduled to launch in the upcoming weeks, young Sri Lankan girls can look forward to more details on how they can join Pooja Umashankar on these three exciting journeys, as well as anticipate much more from the one-of-a-kind designer collection that is “The Escape” by INDI.


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