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Thursday, 29 October 2015 - 7:52
EDULINK Provides a Unique Higher Education Experience through a Multitude of Quality Assurance Factors


The EDULINK International Campus asserts themselves as providers of high quality, holistic tertiary education, and practices stringent and varied quality measures to ensure that students are given the best learning experience. Bringing together the excellence of some of the top universities and vocation centres in the United Kingdom, EDULINK offers a superior education that is focused on ensuring that students are well prepared to handle opportunities and challenges they will face in their future.


Campus Director of EDULINK International CampusKanishka Weeramunda says, “We at EDULINK are firmly committed to instilling in all our students those attributes which enable them to be successful not only in their chosen career fields, but in their future life as well. With that in mind, we consistently focus on making our students into independent thinkers who truly understand how to utilise their classroom knowledge when in the post-study world, as well as on empowering them to handle any situation by effectively using communication and technology. We are also very particular about making sure our students are imbued with a willingness to embrace diverse cultures and have the confidence to comfortably work with a wide range of people and groups. The Campus’ measure of success is very much dependent on achieving these attributes with each and every one of our students. ”   


The first step in assuring that students receive an education that equips them in this regard is the quality of the programmes offered by EDULINK. The Campus operates as a collaborative partner of UK’s renowned Universities of Greenwich and the University of Northampton to offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, which ensures that EDULINK upholds the same standards of excellence set by these universities. This also guarantees that the internal British degrees from EDULINK are no different from the degrees obtained by pursuing the courses in the UK.


EDULINK is further affiliated with the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) in offering Higher National Diplomas (HND) in Business, and with APTECH of India in providing Higher National Diplomas in Computing, which means that EDULINK emulates and retains the same focus on quality as these respected institutions. The Campus also offers their specially designed Foundation programmes to fully prepare students for any of their chosen stream of study.


Commenting on the multitude of quality measures in place at the campus, EDULINK Quality Assurance Manager Nimantha Liyanage said, “The quality standards of these EDULINK programmes are certified by local and international education authorities, giving students and parents further confidence. All Campus programmes offered through the British universities are accredited by the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), which is the independent body entrusted with monitoring and advising on standards and quality in UK higher education.​ In addition, EDULINK programmes are also certified by the Sri Lanka Quality Framework (SLQF), a framework initiated by the Ministry of Higher Education to improve the quality of post-secondary learning in the country.”


“We at EDULINK are extremely cognisant of the importance of qualified faculty when providing excellence in education. As such, all our lecturers are required to have postgraduate qualifications and a minimum of five years of teaching experience, and they are taken through a rigorous screening process by EDULINK, as well as our partner institutions, before being admitted as part of the teaching staff,” Ms. Liyanage added.   


Sixty per cent of lecturers at EDULINK are visiting faculty who are otherwise engaged in the corporate and industrial sector, enabling them to imbue and enrich the students with real-world insights and experiences, in addition to their theory and practical lessons. The Campus fosters an open culture where students are able to meaningfully engage with lecturers for mentoring and guidance, and ensures consistency in teaching quality standards through regular peer-to-peer reviews and student feedback.   


Not limited to only the study programmes on offer, EDULINK’s assertion of high quality is about the overall learning experience, which is designed to comprise of all the vital components for a holistic education.  Centrally-located in Colombo, the Campus features state-of-the-art facilities and recreational spaces which help foster an open culture for students to meaningfully engage with each other.


EDULINK provides greater cultural exposure and sharing for all its students, with 30 per cent of its student population comprising of foreign students. Additionally, in promoting a well-rounded education, the Campus encourages and facilities a diverse range of extra-curricular activities for students.


Programmes and courses offered by EDULINK are awarded by the University of Greenwich, the University of Northampton, the Scottish Qualification Agency and APTECH. Sri Lankan students can study a range of subjects including Business, Accounting and Finance and Computer Science, with access to more than 118,000 e-books and over 14,000 e-journals on various subjects.  


The EDULINK International Campus is fully-owned by EDULINK Consultants, a multinational higher education company which has been in operation since 2004. EDULINK Consultants is the leading company in the EDULINK Group based in Dubai and is a multi-faceted educational services provider that has built strategic partnerships with renowned academic institutions from across the globe. Its vision is to provide quality education at an affordable price.
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