Friday, 11 December 2015 - 15:06
PHD Sri Lanka shines with 2 Silvers at Campaign Asia’s Agency of the Year Awards 2015



A fresh face to many at this year’s Agency of the Year Awards, PHD Sri Lanka certainly made its mark by the end of the evening, being named both the top digital and media agency in Sri Lanka, picking up Silver in the Digital Agency of the Year (Rest of South Asia) category as well as the Media Agency of the Year category. In fact PHD Sri Lanka was the only local agency shortlisted in the Media category.

“To us at PHD, digital has always been more than Facebook ads. It helps us understand consumers in a more efficient, genuine way, bring resources to people from all corners of Sri Lanka, provide solutions in the form of websites and apps - and even take outdoor events and traditional media to the next level,” said Keith Wijesuriya, CEO of PHD Sri Lanka. “We’re excited and proud, as this award serves to justify that belief.”

Staying true to the agency’s slogan of Finding A Better Way, PHD Sri Lanka found recognition through constantly striving for new, superior ways to serve their clients. “It’s about re-evaluating your ideas, your approach, and then thinking – how can I make this better?” added Keith. “It’s easy to fall into a certain pattern when everything works just fine, but realizing that there’s always a way to take things to the next level is how you can continue to deliver and hopefully excite your clients.”

Operating locally under the aegis of Total Media Direction, PHD Sri Lanka and OMD Sri Lanka (the Omnicom Media Group affiliates) constantly drive the importance of media as a vital component in any total communication solution. “A win for us is a win for the entire network, not just literally, but an endorsement of PHD’s collaborative work ethos - our staff interacting with our network offices across the globe bringing new and startlingly different thinking to our plans in real time on a daily basis. That’s thousands of people working with each other to provide the best media ideas and methods of execution possible.”

With recent forays taking our digital expertise into regional markets, the local team is excited with what’s in store. PHD Sri Lanka’s outlook hopefully reflects the country’s focus as we head into a new year – sharper, reaching out to markets beyond our shores, and a genuine desire to do better.


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