Wednesday, 03 February 2016 - 14:44
Inward Bound takes outward-bound team building to next level


Inward Bound International, an award-winning local enterprise with a global perspective has initiated tailor made outbound training programs that are distinct from outbound training programs available in the market due to their innovative 'inside-out' approach

Inward Bound’s training programs introspect customer’s soul, enrich their body while empowering their mind.

According to the founder of award winning venture- Major Vijith Welikala, Inward Bound’s Key Program Elements are focused on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Inward Bound crew which consists of a mixture of senior retired Service Officers and management experts lead by Major Vijitha Welikada who has won the entrepreneurship national gold medal and first ever Adventure Hotel Award, could raise the enterprise into great heights with their innovation, creativity and teamwork.

The program was introduced to the corporate sector recently.


From left to right:


Ken Vijayakumar –CEO/ Coach  Inward bound International (pvt) Ltd, Major Vijith Welikala – Chairman Inward bound International (pvt) Ltd, Dr.Radha  Reddy–Director / Facilitator Yoga and Meditation  –Inward bound International (pvt) Ltd, Prof. Ganesh Rao – Consultant –Inward Bound International (pvt) Ltd, B.R.M Fernando – Consultant Experiential /Adventure based Learning –Inward Bound International (pvt) Ltd, Rechel Helnie George – Facilitator Experiential /Adventure based Learning –Inward bound international (pvt) Ltd



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