Thursday, 18 February 2016 - 11:59
“The Portal To Jobs Swings Wide Open”: Everjobs To Expand Job Opportunities To Smaller Cities And Towns Across Sri Lanka



Online job recruitment in Sri Lanka is a hassle. Yet offline job recruitment is expensive. This conundrum has long frustrated employers in Sri Lanka. The cost of online recruitment is only about 10% of the cost of an offline option, something many startups with shoestring budgets cannot afford. 

One year after commencing operations in Colombo, everjobs.lk, Sri Lanka’s fastest growing job portal, has brought hope for a revolution in the online jobs market in Sri Lanka.  With a database of over 35,000 registered job seekers, and over 2,500 employers, everjobs.lk connects the most progressive companies in Sri Lanka with the most qualified people, offering a hassle-free platform and cost effective services over the recruiting process. 

"During the 2015/ 2016 period, the website attracted more than half a million unique visitors and thereby established a strong presence in the online jobs market in Sri Lanka. As the site traffic figures attest, everjobs has become an integral part of the career management for thousands of job seekers in Sri Lanka," said everjobs Sri Lanka MD and Country Manager, Félix Lienau.

"The improved job market is fueling renewed optimism in the IT, banking, financial services, apparel, education, telecommunication and healthcare sectors. The everjobs.lk career survey recorded that, in July/August 2015, online recruitment hit an all-time high with a quarter-on-quarter growth improving consistently. 2016 is expected to deliver the returns of the various reforms proposed by the Government. And it is heartening to see the robust growth of the startup ecosystem that's urging individuals to explore new business avenues. With a greater role for the private sector job recruitment at hand, everjobs plans to expand job opportunities to smaller cities and towns across Sri Lanka, in a bid to further boost the medium and small scale sector,” he added. 

Everjobs also recently announced the appointment of Gijs Verheijke as its Chief Executive Officer for the Asia region. Verheijke will be in charge of leading day-to-day management decisions as well as giving strategic guidance to drive the business growth in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Cambodia. 

“We are active in some of the most interesting and emerging economies of the world. Our main goal is not only to grow in those markets but to be able to really have an impact on the countries’ development. By providing a simple and effective online career portal we are changing the game for both employers and professionals, making it far easier for them to find each other than before,” said Gijs Verheijke. 

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