Wednesday, 30 March 2016 - 17:05
TFO Shines A Light On Climate Action To Lead An Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle - [Photos]


On the 19th of March, Earth Hour 2016 was honoured by millions around the world as well as our country. From 8.30pm to 9.30pm, collaborating with the rest of the world, The Factory Outlet joined into make a difference and as well as the beginning of a new journey. 

Beginning in 2007 in Australia, Earth Hour was organized as a part of a global symbolic demand for action on climate change. The grandeur of Earth Hour united individuals, communities, business organizations and governments to come together for a greater cause; to work together to create a sustainable low carbon lifestyle. Understanding the threat of global warming, and giving a voice for the people to act on it, the idea of Earth Hour grew from a mere hour in the dark to a large scale movement. 

The Factory Outlet joined in by switching off all non-essential lights and appliances for an hour, commemorating their commitment to the environment. Joined by our devoted team and esteemed guests, numerous activities were held at the Factory Outlet Palawatta Branch to celebrate this change for good. 

Furthermore, The Factory Outlet resolved to inform the public on the impact of energy use on climate change, as well as change from within in the long run. Setting the foundation at Earth Hour 2016, The Factory Outlet is showed our determination to reduce, reuse and recycle by initiating an environmentally friendly bag. We hope to encourage our customers as well as our customers to be reminded of the commitment that is required to make the earth a better place for future generations, and the importance of clean affordable energy. 

This is just a beginning of a steadfast movement that The Factory Outlet has initiated to contribute further to have a positive effect on Mother Nature. Reminding the public of the recent troubles brought on by electricity failure, and raising awareness of the global concerns, The Factory Outlet requested the public solemnly contribute to this change for good. 

The Factory Outlet would like to remind everyone to take a look around you and to be aware of the electricity consumption that takes place around you. All around the globe, people and places came together to conserve energy as a reminder that every small steps help preserving our earth. The future of the world in our hands, and in yours. 

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