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Blue Mountain: Sri Lanka’s Trustworthy Partner For Real Estate Solutions


In just 5 years, the Blue Mountain Group has achieved pinnacles of success that has been hitherto unheard of in the real estate industry of Sri Lanka. The Group already consists of 4 large scale companies with an asset base in excess of Rs. 14 Billion and 7 other large companies handling all aspects of real estate and land thus enabling us to offer a comprehensive service. In total, the Group provides employment to nearly 2,100 individuals in various capacities. The brand ‘Blue Mountain’ is today a household name synonymous with trust, innovation and reliability and is certainly the trailblazer in Sri Lanka’s real estate and land industry!

Established in 2010, the Blue Mountain Group specializes in offering a wide range of land and real estate services in Sri Lanka. This includes real estate, land sales, apartment/condominiums, construction, property management, valuation, surveying, legal services and so much more. Within a period of 5 years, the Company has grown phenomenally and shines today as one of the most popular and most trusted real estate companies in Sri Lanka. Blue Mountain Properties currently enjoy a market share in excess of 30% of Sri Lankan real estate market, boasting a  40% of the mind recall within the sector.

Blue Mountain is a company that recons on innovation. From the architectural designs of the houses or condominiums to the conceptualization of the gated communities and even the advertising and promotions, Blue Mountain has always been an innovator in the real estate industry in Sri Lanka.

Our sister Companies work hand in hand to constantly deliver excellence while our dynamic team members passionately satisfy our customers with their superior levels of customer service. These Companies include Blue Mountain Properties, Blue Mountain Apartments, Blue Mountain Constructions and Blue Mountain Landlords all of which complement our iconic work in changing the real estate landscape of Sri Lanka forever!

Blue Mountain Properties employs over 600 staff and is one of the pioneers in mega residential project development and gated communities in Sri Lanka Mega township developments and city planning are Now being planned for the future.

Blue Mountain Apartments currently employs over 300 staff members and has several mega apartment projects planned for the near future with some luxury apartments complexes expected to have more than 600 apartments units each. 

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