Tuesday, 07 June 2016 - 13:42
China Invites India to Invest in Sri Lanka


Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Yi Xianliang says China wants its projects in Sri Lanka to be Joint Ventures either with local Lankan companies and state organizations or with foreign companies, including Indian.

He told the Regional Center for Strategic Studies that the common Lankan and Indian perception was  that Chinese projects are primarily meant to bolster China’s strategic interests in the region.

The belief is that they will be dispelled if they are Joint Ventures with local entities or foreign companies and run as commercial enterprises.

The envoy said that mutual antagonism in South Asia will be mitigated if China, India and Pakistan form an economic alliance and co-opt Sri Lanka and other South Asian nations.

He says Sri Lanka and India should sign the Economic and Technical Cooperation Agreement and added that he had discussed with the Indian envoy, a China-India-Pakistan-Lanka business link up. He reported that he found him to be responsive.

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