Wednesday, 06 July 2016 - 11:50
Vaseline Healthy White presents ‘Summer Glow’


Daily exposure to the sun, dust and other pollutants can harm our skin causing dry, dark and damaged skin. While we use face creams, face washes, scrubs and toners among other products to protect our faces, how much of attention do we actually pay to the rest of our body?

The neglect to care for 90% of the skin covering our bodies may lead to uneven skin tones in our overall bodily makeup. Our faces are fairer than our shoulders. The skin color of our legs does not match the color of our arms. Our toes are dark, while our fingers are fair. As a result of uneven skin tones, we do not feel free to wear the clothes we want, follow the most trending designs and more importantly our overall self-esteem and confidence is affected.

While this condition is common to most women, Vaseline now offers the ultimate solution for body skin that can match the color tone of your face through its re-launched Vaseline Healthy White body lotion.

To introduce this all-encompassing solution, Vaseline brought together some of Colombo’s most chic young ladies to give them an experience of a ‘Summer Glow’ with Vaseline Healthy White.

Through the event, Vaseline Healthy White showed that although summer is a season that is harsh on our skin, it is no longer an arduous task to have body skin that is as fair as your face.

‘Summer Glow’ celebrated even-toned skin as the newest trend in town. It explored total fairness and showcased how having even-toned skin will complement the latest fashion trends of this season and how you can now travel abroad to some of this year’s most trending summer destinations in style.

Vaseline Healthy White’s three key ingredients moisturize and restore your body skin to give you visibly fairer, healthy looking skin in just two weeks. The lotion nourishes dry skin from deep within and provides protection from further damage; for fairness that lasts (Restoration through moisturisation of normal dry skin in the epidermal range within the cosmetic domain).

“Caring for your skin is very important, especially when it comes to women. Healthy and even-toned skin plays a pivotal role when it comes to a woman’s appearance and appearance is something that helps women with their general self-esteem and confidence, and even with the fashion trends they follow; and we all know that a confident woman is a beautiful woman,” said Sharmila Bandara, Marketing Director – Personal Care, for Unilever Sri Lanka.

“This is why we are pleased to re-launch Vaseline Healthy White with its promise of an even-toned body skin solution. This lotion has been designed to restore darkened skin give us visibly fairer and even-toned skin with regular use,” she said.

Also expressing his views, Founder and President of Colombo Fashion Week, Ajai V. Singh stated, “A healthy and even skin tone gives you the confidence to try any outfit you like and to experiment with different clothes and trends, especially during warm sunny days. I am pleased to have worked with Vaseline Healthy White for ‘Summer Glow’ which showcases healthy, even toned skin that complements the best of trends of summer".

In addition to the event, Vaseline Healthy White also launched ‘Vaseline Summer Glow – Around the World’ providing 15 lucky winners the chance to explore one of 4 exciting destinations around the world. Consumers stand a chance of winning a pair of tickets each to Dubai, Paris, Bangkok or Kuala Lampur through the scratch cards banded to the Vaseline’s 100ml variants and texting the unique code to 6997 to enter the promo.


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