Wednesday, 24 August 2016 - 11:55
Eser Marketing International introduces world renowned BH Treadmill to Lanka


Eser Marketing International (Pvt) Ltd the pioneer in fitness and exercise equipment has introduced the world renowned BH Treadmill exercise device to Sri Lanka.The newest treadmill introduced under the BH Fitness brand consists of modern technology to enable healthy life styles, says Eser Marketing International (Pvt) Ltd.

The main unique feature of the BH Treadmill series is the i.Concept technology that makes it far superior than other treadmills in the market. By connecting to an Apple of Android device (Smartphone, tab) through the unique i.Concept technology one can experience the live experience of trekking any street in the world using Google Maps from his own residence. And due to the Green Motor technology embedded in BH brands consumers can enjoy a 30% saving in electricity consumption.

The BH Treadmill has been introduced to the Lankan market in different models to suite customer needs and requirements by Eser Marketing International (Pvt) Ltd.The five years international warranty for the Motor of BH Treadmill issued by its mother company can be obtained from Eser Marketing International (Pvt) Ltd. BH exercise equipment can only be purchased from Eser Marketing International showrooms that come under  Eser marketing brand and any customer who purchases Eser exercise equipment from its franchise showrooms will be given advice on exercise training free of charge. More details of this service can be obtained from  hotlines 071 4440555 and 0718880999 .

“At present most of the exercise equipment vendors in Sri Lanka introduce sub standard ‘copy products’ to customers. Because of this customer face calamities such as colossal waste of money, health hazards and mal function of equipment. But we introduce only world renowned high quality exercise equipment to our customers. Europe’s number one exercise equipment brand BH Treadmill is considered as a special product among exercise equipment in the world,” said Srikantha De Silva, Director, Eser Marketing International (Pvt) Ltd.

In addition Bike, Cross Trainer, Benches and Multi Gym and many more exercise equipment that come under the BH trade brand can be purchased from Eser Marketing International showrooms  island wide.  Customers can obtain information about the latest products introduced by  Eser Marketing International and also place orders using websites and The main branch of Eser Marketing International is situated at 997/9, Kotte Road Welikada Rajagiriya( Near Pizza Hut).

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