Wednesday, 12 July 2017 - 19:26
The use of lunch sheets and shopping bags banned; tax increased on imported plastics

The government has decided to ban polythene, shopping bags and rigifoam boxes in food packing with immediate effect.

Joint Cabinet spokesman minister Gayantha Karunathilaka said, at the media briefing to inform Cabinet decisions, that steps have been taken to ban the use of plastic utensils such as plates, cups and sauces, spoons and similar goods.

Further, steps have been taken to ban the sale and manufacture of polythene similar to a 20 micron gauge or less than that.

It was revealed at the media briefing to inform Cabinet decisions that these steps have been taken to minimize the current environmental disputes.

The measures have been recommended by the committee of scholars appointed to make recommendations in this regard.

In addition, sale of cooked or processed food items packed in polythene has also been banned.

Burning of polythene in open air areas has also been prohibited.

The action plan has proposed short, medium and long term solutions to the problem.

It has also included charging an extra tax of 15 percent from plastic imports.

Minister Senarathna further explained the time frame that would be needed to implement this program and the consequent issues to come up due to the decision.

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