Friday, 13 October 2017 - 15:35
Hemas Manufacturing Launches “Mosguard Lotion” to protect against mosquitoes


Addressing the urgent need for a safe, natural and highly effective lotion that protects users from mosquitoes without irritating the skin, Hemas Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd., in collaboration with Colombo Science and Technology Cell, University of Colombo has launched Mosguard in a non-sticky and synthetic insect repellent free lotion format.

Backed by the trusted credentials of the Hemas Group and the University of Colombo, Mosguard is a safe product with naturally derived actives that work to keep mosquitoes away.

Hemas Manufacturing (Pvt.) Ltd. is one of the key subsidiaries of Hamas Group and is driven by innovative brands such as Velvet, Kumarika, Baby Cheramy, and Clogard that have evolved to become household names.

Although children are particularly vulnerable to mosquito-borne diseases, mothers are usually hesitant to apply synthetic mosquito repellents fearing the chemicals in them will harm their tender skin.

The launch of Mosguard offers concerned mothers a safe product with naturally derived actives which has been certified as a non-irritant formula by MASCOT SPINCONTROL Clinical Research Centre, Mumbai, India.

Moreover, the product is free of ‘DEET’, the synthetic insect repelling agent that is usually present in synthetic repellents.

The product usage has been validated for 6-hour efficacy through studies done by the Medical Research Institute, Sri Lanka.

The product is available in 100g lotion bottles and can be easily applied to exposed areas of the body with complete confidence.

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