Wednesday, 26 June 2019 - 15:43
Associated Motorways Private Company introduces to the Sri Lankan market two new models of motorcycles

The main guide in the field of vehicles in Sri Lanka or the company in the forefront, Associated Motorway Private Company has introduced to the Sri Lankan market recently two new models in their group of motorbikes named Yamaha FZ and FZ-S version 3.0

On the occasion of the launch of these two models at the Yamaha main showroom in Borella, a large crowd including motorcycle marketers, people who love motorbikes and journalists were present.

It was of significance that these people were able to see with their own eyes these newest models as well as to gain experience regarding them.

When compared with other motorcycles in the 150CC group which run in Sri Lanka the Yamaha FZ model is supposed to be the number one model, the Deputy General Manager of Yamaha Zahran Siyawudeen said while addressing the function introducing the new models.

The most important and significant fact of these newest Yamaha FZ and FZ-S version 3.0 can be introduced as the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) system.

That provides a very safe journey and when in an emergency the brakes are stepped on, it will prevent the bike from being dragged to a side and without the control of the wheels, moving will be prevented.

Similarly due to F1 technology, maximum engine efficiency with very little consumption of fuel, 12.8 N-M(1.3KG F-M), සහ 13.2 PS @ 8000 rpm power will be provided and it can be said that this is the lightest bike in weight among all 150CC motorcycles.

Its weight of 137 kg and the improved engine set up will provide you with a speedy start and the possibility of riding at speed as well as being easily able to travel through severe traffic congestion is also provided.

At the same time the newest super LED HEADLIGHT, main lamp, makes travel at night easy and safe with a clear vision on the road.  

The Negative LCD Meter, the comfortable double seats, the fuel tank of 12.8 litres produced in a  modern manner so that more of an air current can be obtained and the main switch located on the surface of it provides a modern and attractive look while the handles with the least number of wires gives lightness to the motorcycle.

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