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Friday, 27 April 2012 - 19:01
Tell-tale signs of bread prices increasing up to rupees 60



The All Ceylon Bakery Owners Association states that its executive committee will convene tomorrow to discuss price revisions required to be made on bakery products including bread.

The meeting comes in the backdrop of wheat flour prices being increased. It was previously reported that the executive committee of the all Ceylon Bakery Owners Association was to convene this evening to decide on the necessary price revisions.

However according to the chairman of the ACBOA, N.K. Jayawardana, the meeting which was scheduled to be held today had been delayed owing to practical reasons. According to Jayawardana

During the executive committee meeting of the ACBOA, the price of a loaf of bread would be increased from 3 to 5 rupees from its current price.

 Due to increases being observed in fuel prices on the 24th of February, bakery owners decided to increase the price of a loaf of bread for the final time.

However according to internal sources within the All Ceylon Bakery Owners Association, the price of a loaf of bread would revised & increased by 5 rupees.

If this revision takes effect the price of a loaf of bread which stands at 55 rupees at present will be increased to 60 rupees.

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