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Thursday, 03 July 2014 - 14:02
Seylan Bank redefines foreign travel with Sri Lanka's first-ever multi-currency 'Travel Card'


The international travel experience has just got redefined, with new dimensions of access, usage and security as Seylan Bank launched its multi-currency Travel Card, the first ever in Sri Lanka, in June 2014.

Loaded with a bouquet of multi-currencies, US dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euros, Saudi Arabian Riyals and Australian dollars, this chip enabled Seylan Travel Card also blazes a new trail and allows users the absolute convenience of simultaneous access to all five currencies at the same time, in any part of the world. The card will simply pick the destination (transacted) currency to avoid any currency conversion fees to the customer.

This pre-paid Visa accredited card brings instant worldwide acceptability and offers its users the sheer convenience of free cash withdrawals at 2.2 million Visa accredited ATMs, transactions at over 30 million merchants across the world. It also has the added benefit of seamless online transactions, thus bringing a world of shopping to one’s fingertips.

“We recognise the importance of travelling with ease and believe that one deserves a travel experience free of stress and worry. We are therefore proud to offer Sri Lankans a solution which will result in hassle-free travel with secure, safe access to foreign currency. The Seylan Travel Card has been designed to do just that. Not only does it elevate the travel experience with the option of loading 5 types of currencies to one card, but also gives its users the luxury of doing business in all five currencies simultaneously in any part of the world”, said General Manager / Chief Executive Officer Seylan Bank Mr. Kapila Ariyaratne

The Seylan Travel Card brings with it a lot of advantages such as instant SMS alerts after each transaction. It also offers pin-protected web access for balance inquiries and checking transactions and offers free medical insurance of USD 50,000/-. The card will also be extremely useful to corporate customers due to a host of benefits to its employees who constantly travel overseas and especially visit multiple countries without any hassle of loading new cards and avoiding additional currency conversion costs. Corporates also have the ease of tracking expenditure and gaining various other benefits.

Senior Deputy General Manager Retail Banking Tissa Nanayakkara said that the Seylan Travel Card epitomises the sheer convenience of overseas travel minus the hassle of worrying about the safety of one’s cash. “The multi-currency facility makes it five times more convenient, thus enriching the travel experience to one of total convenience and peace of mind. With this card, one can now become part of an exclusive network of travellers with access to unmatched benefits and convenience. In fact we’re happy to offer this card to all Sri Lankans and not limit it to our thousands of customers alone”, he added.Once purchased, the Card minimises the exposure to currency fluctuations. Customers get the added convenience of an additional card for use in the event of the primary card being lost or stolen. Hence the reinforced security features of this novel card. Furthermore the Seylan Travel Card does not require a commission or proof of identity to obtain cash or purchase goods and services.

“We see the Seylan Travel Card fast becoming every Sri Lankan’s preferred travel companion, one that goes hand in hand with one’s passport. Seylan Bank is both proud and happy to take this initiative and make foreign travel more convenient and more secure to the thousands of travellers every day”, Nanayakkara added.

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