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Thursday, 14 August 2014 - 20:34
Samsung's Joy Plus TV - The Ultimate Cricket Viewing Experience

Digital technology leader, Samsung Electronics recently introduced its Joy Plus TV range which enables users to capture sound and pictures when watching TV. The Joy Plus range of TVs also features an innovative “cricket mode” which is designed to provide sports enthusiasts with the ultimate cricket viewing experience. The Joy Plus TV is an affordable LED TV that has two model variants (H5100 and H4100) and is available in a variety of screen sizes ranging from 24 inches up to 48 inches.

Commenting on the new Joy Plus TV range, H.K. Chang, Managing Director, Samsung  India  Electronics - Sri Lanka Branch Office  stated, “Samsung is dedicated to designing products that meet our users’ needs. In pursuit of our mission to provide enriching experiences, we develop products that are easy to use and have a variety of practical and interesting features. The Joy Plus TV combines state-of-the-art design with exciting features that create a unique viewing experience for users. The Joy Plus TV also makes the viewing experience more memorable by enabling users to capture and share content with ease.”

Samsung’s “Cricket Mode” is designed to provide rich and detailed sports viewing. By switching “Cricket Mode” on, users can enjoy a thrilling viewing experience accompanied by surround sound and enhanced picture quality, that delivers a stadium like experience. With Samsung’s innovative “Cricket Mode” users will be able to act as the third umpire during cricket matches. The slow motion and split screen features also help the audience judge the game for themselves. With “Cricket Mode”, users can freeze a live cricket match at any time, divide the screen into nine sections and zoom into every detail of the match as it unfolds. A unique feature of Samsung’s Joy Plus TV is Screen Capture which enables users to capture their favourite TV moments on screen with the simple click of a button. Users can also relive their favourite TV moments by saving and reviewing images on an external storage device that is connected to the TV. Sound Capture enables users to record high quality audio clips from any channel; this can include music, dialogues or commentary. Recorded sound clips can also be stored on an external device and accessed at any time.

The Samsung Joy Plus TV has amazing picture quality that delivers richer colours and less distortion. The Wide Color Enhancer Plus creates a pure viewing experience that deletes all unnecessary distortion. The Joy Plus TV also has a Connect Share Transfer feature which allows easy sharing of content from one USB to another via TV. Users can swiftly transfer photographs, movies and music through the TV without having to depend on a computer. Using Ultra Pix Technology the TV delivers high quality images that are colourful, vibrant and extremely clear.  The Joy Plus TV range also offers best-in-class durability and provides Triple Protection from lightning, humidity and power surges. 
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