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Thursday, 14 August 2014 - 20:36
Mobitel Business Solutions introduces NFC technology to Jaffna Municipal Council

The National Mobile Service Provider Mobitel, has partnered with the Jaffna Municipal Council in a new initiative toward developing the municipal council’s fuel allowance processes into Mobitel’s One Fuel Card’ NFC based technological solution, to enhance the efficiency and smooth-functioning of the municipal council.

The Jaffna Municipal Council is the first municipal council in the country to upgrade its fuel allowance disbursement system to a NFC technology-based fuel management method. In the year 2012, Mobitel Business Solutions (MBS), the enterprise division of Mobitel introduced its own ‘Tap and Go’ card solution based on NFC technology to extend on its list of business services. The solution is based on Mobitel’s “One Network” platform which provides a suite of solutions which works seamlessly with interoperability.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology where a plastic card similar to credit card is used by a mere tap. NFC based card solutions which are fast becoming popular world over is highly recognized for its stored value capability, amongst many other facilities that provide efficiency and convenience to its users.

One fuel card is a “cashless” and secure payment option for an effective fuel management system. The card could be pre-loaded with the fuel allowance entitled to an individual and once used at a designated fuel station, a payment for the usage could be made using the allocated allowance. The solution also sends an SMS-based notification alert to users and company administrators whenever the fuel card is used.                    

Municipal Commissioner Jaffna, Sellathurai Pranavanathan stated, “Mobitel One Fuel Card Solution is a convenient way to pump fuel for our vehicle fleet. It eliminates the burden behind the fuel book based reimbursement process we had earlier. Mobitel fuel card solution comes with a secure web interface for us to generate usage reports as and when required & it brings a notable efficiency and convenience for us in managing our monthly fuel quotas across users and pool vehicles.”

“In today’s rapidly changing world where new technology is designed primarily to increase speed and efficiency in everything we do, NFC technology does not fall short of the demands in modern trends and lifestyles. The One fuel card is hassle-free, efficient and transparent and is fast becoming popular amongst institutions, and will take Mobitel Business Solutions to the forefront. We strive to make a national contribution as the National Mobile Service Provider, and therefore hope that this will be one of many partnerships between Mobitel Business Solutions and the Jaffna Municipal Council. We thank the municipal council for placing confidence in Mobitel and for providing this opportunity,” Mobitel Senior General Manager – Marketing Nalin Perera commented.

Mobitel Business Solutions (MBS) is a dedicated division of Mobitel formulated to cater the corporate clients with unique ICT solutions embraced with mobile technologies to realize their fullest business potential. MBS could be contacted through the hotline 0711 717171 or email mbs@mobitel.lk
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