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Thursday, 18 September 2014 - 11:21
1 Million worth of Trips from FindmyFare Aero Rider Game!

As a company that started off as a wild idea of spreading the excitement of travelling to the world, we still haven’t halted from being innovative in the industry. We strive to reach the skies in ways that are out of the norm for many other companies. As of recent, Findmyfare has released a game suitably named “Findmyfare Aero Rider”. The game was developed internally by our tightly specialized team of young talents. This is not just a game that is solely for our gain but also it is for the enjoyment of the users, our customers and people who want to integrate into travel booking online. It is a fully fledged game with custom made graphics and functionality. Simple in method, fun in application, a game where a player will have to maneuver a small air craft.

In this game the player who achieves the highest score, meaning the person who traveled the longest distances will get the opportunity to win. Various types of sceneries will be traversed within the game, from mountain ranges to concrete jungles, from hot deserts to cool oceans. Along the way, it won’t just be fun and games. But there will be threats, such as oncoming blimps, to angry birds and the occasional drunk U.F.O’s.

As much as the game would be fun and cool, the reward offered for the winners by findmyfare would be worth playing for. The winner of the game will get to choose a free trip from 6 different destinations handpicked by our team at findmyfare. Not only that, 3 friends will be able to tag along on the trip for free. The group of friends will get to travel to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Maldives, Shanghai and Delhi.

We invite all walks of life to play this game and enjoy the ride to victory!

Play now : http://bit.ly/XzGvB6
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