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Wednesday, 01 October 2014 - 11:57
Seylan Tikiri makes savings fun through it's children's day celebrations island-wide

Seylan, the bank with a heart in yet another first is celebrating World children’s day through a plethora of innovative island-wide celebrations. Seylan Tikiri, the pioneer in minor’s savings will hold celebrations in over one hundred branches for its Tikiri account holders throughout the month of October to mark World Children’s day, which falls on 01st October. Each branch will be seen celebrating in a different manner including TikiriPola’s, Tikiri Carnivals, Art Competitions, Hand work Competitions, Kite Competitions, Fun Games and Tikiri Parties and a  host of other fun day activities for the kids to celebrate their special month. Seylan’s Kids Banking Day on the last Saturday/Sunday of every month with its fun and rewards is yet another mode for the celebrations in which the savings habit will be driven further.

Encouraging and rewarding the habit of savings, Seylan Tikiri Minor Savings Account has  always been at the forefront with it’s innovative promotions and leading value additions.

The Tikiri gifts scheme was introduced by Seylan Bank for the first time to the market and offers a range of exciting gifts such as Mugs, Waters Bottles, School Bags, Wrist Watches, Video Game Pads, MP4 Players, Remote Controlled Helicopters, Bicycles, Organs, DVD Setups, Tabs and LED TVs. Tikiri accounts can be opened at any one of the islandwide network of 154 Seylan bank branches and many student savings centres in schools. In addition to the array of exciting gifts, interest is calculated on daily balances and credited to the account on a monthly basis. If you have a Seylan Tikiri Account you’ll be getting a whole load of valuable new gifts. And you would get definite gifts when your account balance reaches each slab.

Launched in 1992, Seylan ‘Tikiri’ went on record as being the first ever minor savings account in Sri Lanka to introduce a gift scheme. Consistent savings was the major drive as Seylan ‘Tikiri’ soon embraced thousands of children from all parts of Sri Lanka and rapidly grew to become a popular household name. Tikiri Kids get special gifts as the account balance grows with deposits.“This is by far the most interactive and rewarding minors’ savings account scheme in Sri Lanka today”, said Deputy General Manager Marketing Tilan Wijeyesekera. “Seylan Tikiri has kept on evolving and is rearing to embrace the next generation of little ones and see them through to adulthood in an exciting manner while saving for their future”.

The savings habit is one that must be cultivated by everybody at a young age. It must begin at childhood when one is most impressionable, thus making a lasting impact throughout one’s life. “As part of our role as a responsible corporate citizen, we at Seylan Bank pay great attention to build this habit among our young generation, hence our drive to make it second nature among the children and youth of Sri Lanka”, Wijeyesekera added. “Today, 22 years down the line, after the launch of Tikiri, with hundreds of thousands of junior savers across the country, Seylan Tikiri is proud to give the lead and usher in a generation of savings-oriented adults for a more prosperous tomorrow.”

Seylan Bank, a premier private sector commercial bank with its island wide network caters to all segments of the market through its diverse product and service offerings.  Seylan has been in the forefront in marketing several technology based products and services while its social responsibility and its commitment has grown significantly in the past few years including the introduction of “Seylan Pahasara” which is a CSR project aimed at opening 100 libraries for under privileged schools around the country.
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