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Monday, 03 November 2014 - 10:32
10 reasons to shop online in Sri Lanka

Shopping online makes life that little bit easier and Kaymu (www.kaymu.lk), one of Sri Lanka’s leading online marketplaces, has created a list of the Top 10 reasons why shopping from your computer or mobile device is the best option.

1. You can wear whatever you want.

Yes, you can even wear your pyjamas. No one is going to judge you or think what you have on is ‘so last year’.  And girls, there is no need to spend hours putting on make-up or doing your hair.

2. No more crowds and scary salespeople.

The days of wading your way through hundreds of people are gone. When it comes to online shopping, you can be at peace wherever you are. In fact, online folks are a lot friendlier. I’ve met many customers and shop owners that became very good friends.

3. You can take your time.

There is absolutely no pressure when it comes to online shopping. You have hours, days and weeks at your disposal. You can take your time to think about it, and ensure that there is minimum regret. Of course impulsive buying doesn’t stop short with online shopping but it is your time and you are in charge of it.

4. Things get delivered to you.

Everybody hates to carry home the heavy things when out for shopping. Online shopping saves you the muscle ache by delivering your order straight to your door.

5. Search and compare.

If there are ten shops in the city offering the pair of shoes you want, visiting all of them to find the best price would be pretty tiring. If you have a computer and a connection, checking ten online shops is a breeze. Shipping and handling costs varies too so it pays to have that as one of your must-do comparison.

7. Save the Earth.

This might sound like a big claim but remember every little bit counts. When shopping online you don’t use any petrol and by reducing your carbon footprint you are ensuring the healthier planet for generations to come.

8. Online shopping is available anytime.

If you are not a daytime person, and prefer to do your surfing at the weird hours of 2 or 3 am, amazingly you can still shop. That’s one of the best things about online shopping. It’s available the whole year, every day of the week at every hour.  And even when the owner is on vacation, you can still shop!

9. Finding rare items.

As online marketplaces are bigger than a normal store, the variety of items on offer becomes endless. Maybe you are looking for something that was made ten years ago, well there’s bound to be at least one person trying to sell it.

10. The Anticipation.

You know when you open your mailbox and you see that package there waiting for you. There is this sudden feeling of anticipation and excitement as you grab it, run upstairs and tear the wrapper apart. That’s what online shopping does for you. Because when you get that much awaited order, it feels like Christmas came early!

Start to save money and save the planet by shopping online!

About Kaymu

Kaymu is the largest and safest online marketplace for emerging markets. It connects buyers and sellers to allow them to take advantage of the best deals on an extensive range of products including electronics, books, fashion items, gadgets and even cars. Thanks to a fixed price system, Kaymu guarantees that users will always find the lowest prices on the market. Kaymu is part of The Asia Pacific Internet Group (AIH). The Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG), a joint venture of Rocket Internet and Ooredoo, is the leading internet platform in Asia, supporting some of the top internet companies in the region. Founded by Rocket Internet in 2014, the APACIG's mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Asia Pacific, as well as to support the development of a vibrant online culture. The APACIG's network currently consists of 10 companies, operating in 15 countries.

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