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Tuesday, 18 November 2014 - 9:40
Seylan Sure rewards young mother at the birth of her twins

Young Asoka Priyangani Rajapaksedevage from Chilaw , cradling her two bundles of joy had even more reason to smile recently,  when she was presented with a cash prize of LKR 15,000 each from Seylan Bank’s Chilaw Assistant  branch manager, Mr. Sathaharan Rajasingham under Seylan Sure savings scheme.

Little  Ayodya Nethmini Jayamanna and Isheka Akarshani Jayamana’s  twin birth, was naturally a happy time for their parents. But the little girls’ mother was richly rewarded for her thrifty saving habits by Seylan Bank who offered her this attractive cash gift on the birth of her twins for being a conscientious saver.

The young mother was eligible for a reward from the Bank through their Sure savings rewards scheme. The scheme encourages savers to maintain a minimum stipulated balance in their sure savings accounts and rewards their customers who comply at various milestones and turning points in their life.

Be it a happy celebration or an emergency the bank’s Sure saving scheme supports their customers’ cash requirements or at least reward them with a valuable gift, as a token of their conscientious savings habits.  

Seylan Bank’s premier saving account, the Sure account works at continuously promoting and inculcating the habit of saving among the nation through innovative benefits and reward schemes.

From Marriage, birth of children, 60 birthday to surgeries in government hospitals, private hospitals and even eye surgeries savers are entitled to cash gifts and grants.

For example at the time of the marriage if an account holder has a minimum balance of LKR 150,000 in the account, the customer will be entitled to a cash gift of LKR 15,000. The value of the cash gift will be stipulated according to the customers’ Sure Savings account balance at the time of his or her marriage.  

Similarly, at the birth of a child of an account holder, the bank rewards customers who have maintained a minimum balance in their Sure Accounts with a cash reward or a Tikiri account for their new born.    

While celebrating the joy of marriage and birth with the customers the sure saver lends a steady hand in times of ill-health and offers the account holder cash benefits up to 200,000 for surgeries in private hospitals and up to 100,000 in government hospitals.

Further Seylan Sure is not a draw based scheme and customers are rewarded definitely provided the terms of the scheme are met.
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