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Thursday, 27 November 2014 - 16:19
Enjoy healthy meals with less oil by using Samsung’s Slim Fry Microwave

Preparing a home-cooked meal for your family that is both delicious and healthy can sometimes be challenging. Samsung now addresses this concern with the Slim Fry Microwave, which is designed to cook food perfectly with only a touch of oil. Now you and your family can enjoy optimal nutrition and healthy meals, which can be prepared quickly and easily.

The Slim Fry Microwave lets you create wholesome and delicious meals using a conventional cooking function which ensures that food is moist, flavourful and perfectly cooked every single time. You can now enjoy crunchy fried chips and juicy chicken nuggets without the excessive oil that deep fryers use. Slim Fry technology uses hot air circulation to prepare food that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Designed to be an elegant addition to your kitchen and home, the Slim Fry Microwave embodies an integrated sleek stainless design from its body to its handle and display, making it suitable for any home.

Whether you use the Slim Fry Microwave for cooking, reheating or defrosting, its Smart Multi-Sensor helps provide optimal results. This sensor minimizes the risk of over or under cooking by gauging the temperature of the food and adjusting power levels accordingly. For those innovative home makers who like to try new things, this microwave lets you make your own yoghurt and dough. Dairy and carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet and this microwave includes a built-in fermentation function with pre-programmed settings that make it extremely easy to whip up your very own homemade yogurt and freshly baked bread.  
The Slim Fry Microwave is also extremely versatile and uses Tandoor Technology which lets the microwave oven heat up to 200 °C. You can use this feature to bring a taste of authentic Indian cuisine to your home. This microwave can be used to cook your very own Tandoori rotis and naans with the single touch of a button.  The Slim Fry Microwave also makes it easy to cook a variety of other dishes with the Auto Cook feature, which is designed to automatically prepare over 200 common dishes.
The Slim Fry Microwave is also designed to help you save energy. By selecting the ECO Mode settings, you can save a significant amount of energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill. Aside from providing valuable savings, this microwave also provides optimal levels of hygiene and food safety.  The 99.9% Bacteria Free Cavity ensures that both the interior and exterior of the microwave remain as clean, safe and germ-free as possible.

The Samsung Slim Fry Microwave is suitable for individuals who have to work long hours, or for those who have time constraints and need to cook tasty and healthy meals in a matter of minutes. The microwave is also ideal for families that are trying to maintain a healthy diet and are consciously making an effort to reduce the use of oil in their meals.
The Slim Fry Microwave models available in Sri Lanka include MC28H5015VK/TL, MC28H5135VK/TL, CE118PF-X1/XTL and MC32F604TCT/TL. For more information, kindly contact the Samsung hotline on 011 5 900 000, 011 7540 540, the Singer hotline on 011 5400 400, the Softlogic hotline on 011 5705 705 or the Singhagiri hotline on 011 5413 413. Samsung’s range of microwaves and the Slim Fry Microwave are available at authorized Sinhagiri, Softlogic and Singer distributors island-wide.
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