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Monday, 15 December 2014 - 10:09
CN Steel assures strength with Thermex high quality German technology

One of Sri Lanka’s largest steel manufacturers, CN Steel affirmed its commitment to produce fine quality steel bars and rods of high yield strength using the state-of-the-art QST technology by Thermex, the globally recognised German company that produces steel designed to suit all construction needs that vary from homes and high-rise buildings to bridges and other infrastructural projects.  
CN Steel has raised the bar with the production of the best quality steel bars and rods available in the market using Thermex’s QST technology that ensures durability and strength. The properties of the world renowned Thermex technology include corrosion resistance, heat resistance at high temperatures and toughness. The technology also promises high elongation value, ductility, weldability and bendable properties in all steel products.
To keep in line with internationally recognised manufacturing standards CN Steel utilises Thermex QST technology and processes to guarantee a quality product to its customers. The production of steel bars takes place under a unique self-tempering process that allows rolling mills to produce low-cost but high strength bars which fully meet the demands of construction professionals.
“The Thermex QST technology was introduced after years of research and field trials, and today it has received its front-runner status worldwide due to the low-cost reinforcement bars of high yield strength that we offer to our customers. We consider it a privilege to be a major player in the steel industry in Sri Lanka and vow to further maintain our commitment to play a prominent role in the construction boom that is currently taking place in the country,” CN Steel’s Managing Director,  Sushil Kumar Buwalka commented.
The thermo - processing QST treatment enables the production of desired high strength bars that meet all requirements of civil construction, with a yield strength ranging from 500 MPa or more. Each Thermex system is specifically designed to suit individual mill parameters and the steel bar properties desired by the client.
Thermex technology has retained global acceptance with many mills worldwide which continue to use the superior German technology. Thermex remains a household name in France, Germany and other parts of Europe, while maintaining a strong presence in the South Asian region with over 80 mills in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka that utilise Thermex technology to produce high quality steel products.


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