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Tuesday, 16 December 2014 - 14:56
Another First for Shift Solutions - the Launch of the First-Ever Hologram in Sri Lanka

Shift Solutions, Sri Lanka’s leading creative digital agency will soon launch the first-ever hologram in Sri Lanka – a life sized projection of President Mahinda Rajapaksa delivering a live speech. The hologram will be projected at the SLFP Youth Rally in Ratnapura on Monday to convey a Presidential message to the youth of the country. Shift Solutions is the first company in Sri Lanka to bring state-of-the-art hologram technology to Sri Lanka, and is now equipped to provide the marketing communications industry with a gamut of cost-effective, high quality hologram solutions that use overlays of digitally generated content as well as reflective techniques and structures to create real life imagery.

Shift Solutions has spearheaded many industry firsts in the digital communications industry and was also the first company in Sri Lanka to pioneer 3D projection mapping, augmented reality (AR) solutions both locally and in Singapore and the Maldives, gesture based interactive systems, gamifications for large corporations, and the management of social media campaigns for clients. Whilst holograms are usually too expensive for many companies to invest in, Shift Solutions has devised an affordable option that will enable its clients to use high quality holograms of all sizes to add a virtual yet realistic element of interest to any exhibition, social gathering or event.

Commenting on the launch of the hologram, Sujeewa Samarasekara, CEO, Shift Solutions stated, “We are extremely proud to launch the first-ever hologram in Sri Lanka. This is yet another significant first for Shift Solutions and we look forward to providing our clients in Sri Lanka with access to this exciting new digital solution. We are also proud that the Shift team with its international partners are now fully equipped and technically capable to run this solution in Sri Lanka and the region.  Holograms use technology to effectively captivate audiences and inspire them. We believe that there is a great deal of potential for the use of hologram technology in Sri Lanka and we look forward to sharing this revolutionary concept with our clients and partners.”

Paul Wood the UK partner for the solution has made a special note of the Sri Lankan team’s grasp of the technology and operation of the solution. The new solution will be commercially available from January 2015 onwards and will provide local companies with an innovative digital solution for their brands. Holograms are a technological evolution from the 18th century and were first developed by John Henry Pepper, to project ethereal figures onto the stage of popular theatre productions. After 150 years of technological advancements, holograms have become high powered projections that use imagery and complex equipment and techniques to portray a powerful, memorable and believable real life image.


Holograms have been used across the world to reach, connect and engage with people in a meaningful way. Legendary musicians such as Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur have been digitally resurrected through holograms that awed the world. Additionally, iconic brands such as Coca-Cola also embraced the new technology to enable fans to be a part of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil by using a special hologram animation that captured and showcased memorable FIFA World Cup moments. Many governments and politicians are also starting to use holograms to communicate and share messages in a refreshing and poignant way. The hologram at the SLFP Youth Rally will enable President Mahinda Rajapaksa to inspire the youth of country without physically being present. The life sized hologram is the first of its kind and is a testament to Shift Solution’s commitment to creating innovative digital solutions that defy traditional boundaries and embrace new thinking.
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