Monday, 12 October 2015 - 11:37
What Yureni says about her brand new car – Photos


Various tales were told about Yureni these days. As it naturally happens with a young eloquent character, she had to face a lot of criticism which she anyway managed to bear up with fortitude.

Various news were published on the web about her latest purchase- the Honda S660. She expressed her ideas on the issue in this manner:

Yes, I did buy a vehicle-through my hard-earned money. It is eight years since I entered this field, and I spent 7 out of it without a vehicle; yet no one cared.

But it has become a problem to everyone when I request a loan and facing a lot of hardships at last manage to purchase one. My journey’s a rather slow but steady one. At first I was thinking of buying a house; but later I changed my mind and resolved on buying a vehicle instead.

On the other hand if I too was one of those people who sought instant success through short-cuts, indeed by now I could have bought a house and would have been driving a BMW. Nevertheless it is since I pursue my journey along the right path slowly, that I am still able to stay successfully in the field despite the arrival of new people and the passage of 8 long years.
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