Thursday, 03 December 2015 - 13:27
Upeshka anxious over the film release



Upeksha Swarnamali has played in the main role for the first time in the film “Cinderella” which is to be released on this month.

Upeskaha is anxious as the film is released in two parts though initially it was not so in the script and states that she has not seen the two parts.

She further states that she is confident of Inoka’s production and though she is enthusiastic of this she also feels anxious as well since in the Sri Lankan film industry 99% of the films turns out to be a failure and  she  feel whether this film be in the 1%  which succeeds.

We heard that during the shooting of “Cinderella ‘that you and Akalanka were lovers. But now we hear that Akalanka did not like to shoot the film with you?

She stated that she does not want to answer on behalf of him and he mainly had problems with the dates and I think he has no external issues.

I don’t like to merge private life with professional life. I do not associate closely anyone in the film industry. Akalanka is a good person but we did not have an affair of that nature. May be the way we were associating during shooting generate such statements. 

But I don’t have time to associate. I feel that such gossips might make those two who are to marry us uncomfortable.

In a way it is better to query this way since we get an opportunity to clear ourselves.

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