Monday, 08 February 2016 - 11:58
Why Cliff Richard's Case Taking So Long: Friends



Fiends of pop star Sir Cliff Richard have blasted the length of time a police investigation against the singer has taken saying he is being subjected to a celebrity witch hunt.

The probe which is more than 500 days old, is still under investigation by the police and friends of Cliff Richard have slammed them for taking so long, reports mirror.co.uk.

"It is really appalling it is taking so long. As far as I'm concerned Sir Cliff has had an unblemished life. I don't believe any of these accusations. I don't understand why this is taking so long. I think it's awful for him and it's been a tremendous strain not having any conclusion for so long," said David Wigg, close friend of the artist.

Richard is under scrutiny for assaulting a boy aged 15 in August 2014 when South Yorkshire Police raided his Berkshire home as a BBC crew filmed from a helicopter. The star was in Portugal at the time.

"He has been left shocked and strained by the allegations. In cases like this that person is damaged professionally whatever the outcome. It's been a tremendous shock and strain for him. It seems like something of a witch-hunt," he added.

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