Saturday, 20 February 2016 - 14:34
No Jason Derulo fan should be left behind-‘Wiggle’ Lyrics Decoded for Old People



At virgin listen to Jason Derulo‘s “Wiggle”, lyrics seemed obvious-but upon closer inspection, there are some phrases and words that don’t make sense when looked in the Oxford English dictionary. This could present a problem for anyone older than say… 30.

And, Derulo’s extravagant song is so upbeat and fun that everyone deserved the right to join in. This is where Jimmy Kimmel comes in.

Before Derulo’s performance on last 17th night, Kimmel’s new segment called “New Lyrics for Old People” brought Derulo out to sing a few bars so they could discuss them one by one, helping the older set grasp their meaning

Kimmel’s programme made it crystal clear that international POP sensation- Jason Derulo’s fan base has no age limit.

Meanwhile, the award-winning mega star accompanied by his full band and dancers will be touching down in Sri Lanka, as part of his “everything is 4” world tour, presented by SUN FM.

The award-winning mega star will be accompanied by his full band and dancers that will create a visual and music explosion like Sri Lanka has never witnessed before.

Over the weekend, on Valentine’s Day the single “Wiggles” hit 700 million views and his channel was at 3 billion views.

Log onto for the latest updates on the pop sensation’s LIVE concert in Sri Lanka, which undoubtedly will be a visual and music explosion Sri Lanka has never witnessed before!

Enjoy's 'Wiggle' below...

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