Thursday, 10 March 2016 - 12:37
Putin Parody Goes Viral



When Slovenia held the national final to choose their 2016 Eurovision entry last weekend, one song captured the public’s imagination – and it wasn’t their entry.

In fact it was this little number from local comedian and show host Kleman Slakonja – which aired between songs and results – in which he parodies Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The track, entitled Putin, Putout, sees the 30-year-old dress as the Russian president as he works his way through increasingly ridiculous lyrics as he takes potshots at world peace, the World Cup and the Winter Olympics.

He also goes on to tell us that he can ‘hit better than Jackie Chan’ – going on to take a pop at Eurovision, Pussy Riot and his desire for a Nobel Prize – all the while begging: ‘Just please don’t take my soccer World Cup 2018 away.’

Understandably, the song’s divided opinion between those who love it and those who’ve been less impressed with Slakonja’s efforts.

But it’s certainly attracted its fair share of attention, having notched up over 2m YouTube views in the space of a week.

And as the man himself has pointed out he made the clip ‘just for fun, to make people laugh, not to offend anyone, I hope’, adding: ‘It’s to make people smile, in this crazy world!’

It’s not the first time he’s parodied a public figure either, having given similar treatment to Pope Francis back in 2013.

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