Friday, 11 March 2016 - 12:22
Chiranjeevi 150th Film May Feature Rajinikanth In A Cameo?



Rumors are now gaining speed that Chiranjeevi ‘s much awaited 150th film will be having Asia’s biggest superstar Rajinikanth as a part of its movie in a small cameo.

Chiranjeevi’s 150th film’s director still a mystery: When it first started out, the possibility of Chiranjeevi going ahead with his 150th film.

While it’s a fact that Chiranjeevi’s 150 film will be the remake of A R Muragadoss’ film Kaththi, due to reasons unknown, Chiranjeevi opted for another director in the Industry to get the job done. Rumors say that it is V V Vinayak.

The reason being, V V Vinayak has successfully taken over the responsibility of remaking Murugadoss’ Ramana in the form of Tagore with Chiranjeevi as the protagonist, and struck gold at the box office.

How likely Rajinikanth’s appearance is in Chiru’s 150th film: Many top actors in the Indian movie industry have expressed their interest to act alongside Chiranjeevi in his 150th film. While Chiranjeevi was generous in not being able to say no to all of those actors’ wish, it was mostly unclear as to who might be appearing in a cameo role to grace the occasion.

However it is reported recently that Rajinikanth contacted Chiranjeevi about a possible cameo role. If this is true, then it is more than likely, Chiranjeevi might have nodded his approval to feature Rajinikanth in a cameo role, loop21 reports.

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