Wednesday, 27 April 2016 - 12:03
Shocking! Sunny Leone's Explicit Picture Appears OnHyderabad Municipal Cooperation's Website



Sunny Leone is undoubtedly one of India's most talked about celebrities. The former porn star turned Bollywood actress, is soaring high working with A-listers like Shah Rukh Khan now. So nude pictures of Sunny Leone is the last thing one would expect on a government website. That's what happened on the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Cooperation's (GHMC) website on Monday, leaving the officials embarrassed, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Sunny's picture first appeared on the main page of the website and also in the offsite real time monitoring system (ORST) which tracks the garbage tracks in the city of Nizams. The photograph was captioned 'having fun in the shower', spiking traffic on the website. When the tech team managed to remove the explicit picture from the main page, it reportedly started appearing on other pages of the website. Later, the team finally managed to pull the photo off the website.

The municipality officials though tried to pass the blame by claiming that the site is maintained by the Centre for Good Governance (CGG). Officials are unsure whether the site was hacked or it was an internal job. No formal police complaint has been lodged, as per reports.

Even when Leone has carved a niche in Bollywood and is unapologetic about her career choices, it looks like her past came back to haunt a government website, Indian media reports.

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