Tuesday, 10 May 2016 - 10:02
STR Gets Ready With A Vote Song!



The Tamil Nadu state is gearing up for the Assembly election on May 16. The Election Commission has been conducting various campaigns to ensure 100% voting on the election day. It has also involved various celebrities from Kollywood as well as other industries for its 100% voting campaign.

Actor Silambarasan has voluntarily involved himself in the voting campaign. The multi-talented star has penned a Tamil song to create awareness about the need to vote in elections.

The song stresses the need to vote for the bright future and also mentions the ill effects of refraining to use the right given by the Indian Constitution. Though it is said that the song will be will be released on May 11, the lyrics of the song has been published by a leading Tamil daily today.

A song with such a catchy lyrics and lucid language is definitely going to be a hit among the masses. A few months ago Simbu's image has been tarnished by the controversial 'Beep Song' which was released online. Simbu did not disown the song but said he did not intend to release it in public and that was done by some miscreants.He was made to face the legal trail and police charges for the song and he is slowly coming out of the vicious trial.

This time the young star can proudly release the Votesong. It is definitely a praiseworthy effort to create a song for a public cause voluntarily.

Simbu has said that he has followed his father's style of rhyming lyrics as it has been his long time dream to write a song like his father.

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