Monday, 16 May 2016 - 10:08
Suriya Not To Vote, Apologizes To People



While many people will be closely watching how their favourite celebrities of Kollywood turn up to exercise their franchise on Monday, Tamil Nadu actor Suriya released a statement stating that he was deeply apologetic that he would not be able to vote.

The actor featured extensively in the campaign by the Election Commission where he was a part of a Dubsmash video and also featured in a short promo urging people to cast their votes which was released online as well as screened in city movie halls.

Asking for the “forgiveness of people for not being able to vote despite being part of the campaign where he had appealed to the public to exercise their franchise,” Suriya said he was immensely upset and filled with regret for not being able to vote and that this was the first time that he was not able to do so.

The actor has said that though he was out of the country, he had initially scheduled his travel plans to be back in the city on May 16 to cast his vote. “However, owing to unforeseen circumstances, I realized that I would not be able to come back. I tried to explore all other legal possibilities of voting such as through post but did not have any other option,” he said.

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