Wednesday, 01 June 2016 - 9:48
Tamil Star Suriya Accused Of ‘Assault’, Actor Denies Charges



A complaint has been filed against Tamil superstar Suriya in an alleged case of assault, where he has been accused of attacking a youth who was having an altercation with a woman.

The complainant is a first division football player named Premkumar, who has claimed that he and his friend were travelling on a bike, when the car in front of them stopped suddenly, which made them lose control and slam into the rear end of the car and fly into the air upon impact. The driver of the car, who was a woman, came out and began scolding them for rash driving, following which some people also reportedly came in support of the youth, Indian media reports.

Premkumar has filed a complaint at the Shastri Nagar police station and an FIR is yet to be registered in the matter.

Surya, who was driving by, reportedly stopped by and intervened in the altercation which further heated up the situation and resulted in the actor allegedly slapping the youth, asking why he was fighting with the youth.

The actor has however denied attacking the boys and has claimed that he saw the boys manhandling the women, which is when he tried to rescue her and intervened.

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