Friday, 10 June 2016 - 12:58
I Have Watched Finding Nemo 13 Times In The Last Five Days: Shah Rukh



One would imagine that actors are always hard-pressed for time. But, not Shah Rukh Khan.

Despite having his hands full with professional commitments, he manages to fly to London at the drop of a hat, to spend time with his eldest son, Aryan.

Ask him about his idea of happiness and having fun with his kids and pat comes the reply.

“My idea of having fun with children is lazing down on a couch, having chips and cola and watching rubbish television. I fly all the way to London to meet them; I make plans to take them out to so many places, play some football as they used to when they were younger, but now we just lie down on a sofa and keep watching movies. Don’t tell anyone, but there are days when we don’t even bathe. I have watched Finding Nemo 13 times in the last five days, thanks to AbRam.”

Though Shah Rukh the actor is best known as the romantic hero, he admits to being cut-off from his children’s personal lives. He is a very cool dad when it comes to being there for his kids but he knows that they need their space. “My kids have been very friendly. The conversations I have with them, I would have with my friends, if I had any. So, we sit down and chat, we make fun, we laugh, and we even grieve together. I think parental conversations, Gauri has with them. I don’t ask them about their relationships. They talk to their mother more about stuff like this. But I never ask them. Whenever, they want to say, they say it. But their relationships are things which are completely different from the kind of films I do, the Hindustan Times reports.

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