Friday, 07 April 2017 - 12:01
Billions star Asia Kate Dillon goes gender non-binary


Famous Actress Asia Kate Dillon claims she prefers to be nominated in the “best actor” category, enquiring the Emmy Award organizers whether it is really necessary to have gender deviated categories as “best actor” and best actress”.

Dillon made this remark in response to the Emmy Award organizers when they asked her which category the female-born star wanted to be considered for.

The performer chose to enter the best supporting actor category in the end, explaining "actor" is generally regarded as a non-gendered word.

However, a dilemma opened up a dialogue with Emmy organizers after Dillon wrote a letter to the Academy.

"I'd like to know if in your eyes 'actor' and 'actress' denote anatomy or identity and why it is necessary to denote either in the first place?" Dillon probed.

In response, the Emmys explained that "anyone can submit under either category for any reason. The Academy supports anyone's choice to do that, and the Academy is not going to do any sort of check" which brought Dillon satisfactory.

"I found them to be 100% supportive, I really couldn't have been happier." Dillon said of the Academy.

However, renowned Award Ceremony organizers such as Oscars and Baftas still have best actor and best actress categories, yet there are some organizations that are pushing the envelope.
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