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Dashing love story of Pubudu and Mashi - photos



She is gorgeous!

Lot of people know her from advertisements.

She was also Miss NSBM this year.

There is one more reason that she is famous, that is none other than this pretty girl being the girlfriend of famous Sri Lankan actor, Pubudu Chathuranga.

She is the most prettiest, Himasha Siriwardhane.

It is the first time that Pubudu-Himasha love story comes to media, and Hiru received that opportunity.

Himasha though you appeared in advertisements lot of people started talking about you when you became Miss NSBM, isn’t it?

I did not want to participate for that. My two friends had applied for it putting my name. Anyway I could win it and I was praised a lot. I am happy about it.

Haven’t you and your lover Pubudu received invitations to act together?

We haven’t received such invitations yet. I have been invited to act but not with Pubudu ayya yet.

You were lucky to win the title for the most beautiful girl in your school. You were crowned on that day by your present lover. How do feel?

Yes I was crowned by Pubudu ayya. I could take only one photo with him that day. But after that we just remained as friends.

Pubudu, Himasha becoming your girlfriend was not something planned, was it?

Yes it was not. We were friends. Later she started visiting me. I too visited her. We went to Kalutara Bodhiya together. Time elapsed like that. One day I told her that I have feelings for her. Later she accepted. Our love story commenced like that.

Did you choose Pubudu because he is an actor?

Not at all. Some people may have thought so. But I loved him for what he is. His qualities.  

Many had commented over ages of you two…

No matter what others say, I took the right decision in my life. Age gap between my parents is seven years. Pubudu ayya’s parents’ age gap is 13 years. But they all live very happily.

When will you two tie the knot?

We have not decided yet. But probably when I complete my studies.


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