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Meghan Markle reveals her insecurities at beginning of 'actress' life



Meghan Markle's name has become known around the world since her engagement to Prince Harry.

But the acting success that gave her the platform to mingle with stars and meet her future fiance Prince Harry may never have come around had it not been for some profound advice from legendary casting director April Webster.

Miss Markle was born in Los Angeles and had been trying to crack her way into professional acting from her mid-teens, but did not start getting regular TV work for nearly a decade.

She reveals how she was often told she was either 'too pretty or not pretty enough, or too slim or not slim enough' when auditioning for roles. 

In an old article penned two years ago, which has just resurfaced, Prince Harry's wife-to-be recounts an encounter with Webster, who has hired actors for Star Wars, Mission: Impossible, Lost and countless other box office hits.

'I had never met her before, and at my very first audition for her, she stopped me mid-scene and said so simply, “You need to know that you’re enough.”  She said.

'And that moment, for me, was a wake-up call.'

Meghan Markle, who is currently a famous actress as well as the bride-to-be of Prince Harry is in spotlight especially since the commencement of her relationship with the royal family.

Source - Daily Mail
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