Thursday, 21 December 2017 - 17:47
Sylvester Stallone probed over sexual assault allegation


US Police have confirmed they are investigating Sylvester Stallone over a sexual assault allegation but admit it will be hard to gather evidence.
The 'Rocky' actor was the subject of a police report filed last month by a 50-year-old actress, who claimed the action legend had assaulted her at his office in Santa Monica in 1990.
Officers told it will be hard to gather evidence because the alleged crime took place so long ago but they are going to "try their best".
If the investigation concludes the allegations are false, they will change the 'Expendables' star's status to a victim.
And Sylvester's lawyer has already confirmed they will be pushing for the woman to be prosecuted for filing a false report.
Sources close to Stallone revealed that he admitted that he had a romantic relationship with the woman, and in 1987 brought her to Israel while he was filming “Rambo III.” 
However, he had broken things off after he discovered the woman had an estranged husband who was very upset about the actor’s involvement, and also believed the husband may have been connected to someone tossing a molotov cocktail into his backyard.
The 'Creed' actor can't take any criminal action until the investigation is complete, but he has been told he can pursue civil litigation immediately.
News of the investigation comes a month after the actor's spokesperson Michelle Bega claimed the events categorically "never happened".
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