Thursday, 08 February 2018 - 15:28
Teen Dutch model dies in Malaysia under tragic circumstances


A British ex-cop says a Dutch teen model who was found naked after plunging 14 floors to her death following a ''drug-fuelled swingers party’’ in Malaysia was murdered.
Local cops said the death of Ivana Smit, 19, who was building a successful career as a model in Kuala Lumpur, was a drug and booze-fuelled accident.
But Mark Williams-Thomas, a private investigator who famously exposed the sickening crimes of Jimmy Savile in a TV documentary, says that if the incident took place in the UK cops would treat it as murder.
After a night out in Kuala Lumpur in December, Ivana returned to the 20th-floor apartment of a wealthy American "crypto-currency trader" and his Indonesian wife at 5 am, her family claims.
Several hours later Ivana's naked body was found after she allegedly fell onto a sixth-floor balcony.
Ivana’s devastated father Marcel claims that police wanted to "close the case quickly" and that neighbours heard "shouts and an argument".
He said that he had been told the American couple are "swingers" who would take young models back to their apartment for parties and sex games.
According to a Dutch pathologist hired to do a second autopsy by Ivana's family, alcohol, cocaine and another drug were found in her blood.
Dr. Frank van der Goot also said Ivana’s upper arms had bruises indicating that a struggle had taken place before she died.

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